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11 Gaming HTML Website Templates

Games offer an excellent means of relieving the stress caused by dealing with the repetitive everyday tasks that each person has to accomplish. In fact, gaming has become an ever-popular activity which everyone around the world can now enjoy.

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Over the years, the most common form of games that a majority of people get exposed to are video games wherein the mind of a person is stimulated by virtual reality or computer-generated objectives, scenarios, and tasks. Those with a more physical bent can also enjoy sports games that challenge their fitness and health. Regardless of what kind of games you prefer, we can all agree that games are meant to be fun and stimulating for both the mind and body while allowing people to experience new things without risking any serious harm to themselves or to others.


Finest Game Website Template

Finest Game is a gaming HTML website template that is perfect for a website dedicated to the discussion of game-related topics. Such a website will be able to help gamers with any issues they may have with certain games, helping create a gaming community for everyone to interact with everyone else.

Finest Game as the image above shows is beautifully made to display video game images with links to specific posts containing the topic of interest. This multipurpose HTML website template consists of several features such as multiple header and footer layouts, allowing you to more easily design and display the latest topics about certain video games. Another feature are the UI blocks or user interface blocks that allow you to display several topics about different games in small and easy-to-manage blocks, allowing you to display even more content on a single web page.

GAMES HTML Website Template

GAMES is an HTML website template dedicated to the creation of a website that is focused on the discussion and reviews of video games from the latest and newest games to retro games.

This GAMES HTML template aims to create an amazingly simple yet efficient website. Now, most people assume that an HTML website requires a lot of coding to be done and while this may have been true in the past, GAMES does not require you to learn that much about coding due to the fact that the website was designed to be as simple as possible. This simplicity allows it to perform better and faster.

It also includes twenty different widgets that are all customizable so as to make your site appear more modern and further increase user satisfaction with the site. Additionally, it has a built-in mobile version as well as a cross-browser function that allows the website to be viewed and displayed on any and all devices regardless of the type of browser being used by the person viewing the site. Upon purchase, you will also gain access to a 24-hour active customer service helpline that will assist you with any questions you may have regarding site functions, design, and installation methods.


Game Portal Responsive Website Template

Game Portal is a completely responsive HTML website template that mimics the Xbox main screen so as to display the different types of games available for easier selection. However, in this case, it is not displaying games so you can play them but rather it is displaying games for the purpose of identifying the main topic or content for specific posts and articles.

Personally, this theme has indeed achieved its goal of designing a web page that mimics the appearance of an Xbox interface mainly by displaying high-profile games such as Titanfall, Batman Arkham Night, Call of Duty Advance Warfare, Assassins Creed, Mass Effect, and even Dota 2. Displaying these popular games will make fans of these games visit your site more often to search for any new content about these games being uploaded.

Upon completing the purchase for this theme template, you will also gain access to a customer service hotline that will assist you with any of your concerns regarding your site.


To further improve the overall quality and performance of the page, the website theme also implements custom game-themed widgets that will allow the site to feature even more game-related content while providing users with more functions to help improve their experience on the site at the same time.

Its theme and design can easily match the game it is featuring so as to be able to catch the attention of the fans who enjoy playing the game. Lastly, the lightbox plugin allows the site to easily adjust its display according to the time of day to reduce the possibility of straining the eyes of visitors.


ProGaming – Responsive Gaming Magazine Theme

ProGaming is a professionally made bootstrap website theme that utilizes both HTML5 and CSS3 coding to create a unique and gamer-friendly design. This theme is considered to be one of the best website themes related to gaming, game servers, game reviews, system specs, gaming platforms, etc.

They aimed to implement the ideas and motto of the late Steve Jobs which was: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. The design is how it works.” By following this motto, not only did they create a wonderfully designed website but they were able to also design the site to perform at its highest possible output to give users a great browsing experience.

An example of a feature that helps them create such an ideal website is the fact that the site is designed to be responsive to whatever online platform is available. It is also made in such a way that you don’t need to have that much experience with coding.


Team – Soccer, Football, Hockey, Basketball | eSport & Gaming | Sport Club HTML Template


Team is inspired by the actual definition of the name which is to cooperate with others to achieve a goal or purpose. The designers of Team have truly captured this idea by displaying a website theme that inspires coordination. From the way the header and footer layouts are designed to match each other perfectly to the addition of a countdown clock or timer, the design is sure to get a sports fan hyped up for when the timer hits zero.

Team is a responsive HTML5 website template that is a perfect theme for whatever topic you would want to write regarding sports clubs, e-sports, fan sites, tournament news, fitness guides, or even gym-based websites. This modern-looking theme is made using both HTML5 and CSS3 coding, which allows for superior fine-tuning of the site to ensure that everything is running as it should be.


WorldPandaria Responsive Website Template

WorldPandaria is a take on creating an HTML5 and CSS3 Website that can function to a certain degree as a game server that allows for the playing of games online. This theme is easy to use, easy to design and easy to install, thanks to the numerous features available within this theme template. These features are:

  •  Drap and drop website creator that allows for easy web page creation with a simple dropping of content onto the site.
  • Completely responsive designs that allow easy access to the site.
  • Pre-made pages that are also customizable giving you an almost infinite choice of web page backgrounds.
  • A subscription feature that allows users to subscribe to your site for more content and news updates.
  • White label, meaning you are capable of creating your own brand.
  • SEO or search engine integration to help make your site list high on most search engine rankings.
  • Handy and customizable widgets that further improve the performance of the website.


Billiards Website Template

Billiards is a website template that prominently features a single eight ball on fire. The theme is dedicated to this popular sport that focuses more on the skill of the player rather than brute strength or speed. This website template features the usage of a bootstrap framework, meaning this theme website is considered to be an HTML5 website theme and a CSS3 website theme combined into a single theme. It features cross-browser compatibility, Sliced PSDDropdown MenuFaviconGoogle mapGoogle Web Fonts, and many more features.


Gamedixi Ecommerce Website Template

Gamedixi is an HTML5 & CSS3 Ecommerce website template that is designed to help the site manager easily display product images while showcasing the features and the uses of each of the products being sold within the site. The site is capable of running a shop mainly because of the eCommerce feature that is built directly into the website theme itself.

It also includes several other features such as an Admin Panel, Bootstrap, Premium, Responsive, Visual Editor, Google Web Fonts, Social Options, Background Options, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Iframe, and Design Presets. Each of these have their own purpose and function dedicated to the site performing exceptionally well while being easy to maintain without requiring too much effort and work. This makes this gaming website theme a must-have for anyone who wants to create a functioning game-based online store.


Golf Club Responsive Website Template

Everyone assumes golf is boring; however, there are parts of the sport that are quite exciting, such as the fact that it requires skill instead of strength. The Golf Club is a responsive website designed to match the idea and concept of golf as you can see shown above. Golf Club features a variety of functions such as a rich UI kit that will allow you to easily design the user interface for your viewer’s convenience when it comes to navigating and viewing different portions of the site.


Pokemania Responsive Website Template

Pokemania is a responsive website theme that takes advantage of the popularity of Pokemon by designing its pages to depict the popular characters seen on the animated show. So if you’re a Pokemon fan and you wish to engage with other fans, you can use this theme to beautify your website. This site implements the use of HTML5 and CSS3 codes but is capable of functioning without them so as to make it easier for newbies to create and display a fully functional website complete with added widgets and links.

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