Best Swish Kids Website Templates

Making a website that targets kids and young children is never child’s play; in fact, web designers can vouch for the fact that kids’ website designs give them sleepless nights. If you’re planning to create superb websites for kids, the smart pick would be to opt for kids templates for Swish.

Blending the best elements of proven effective kids website creation strategies, these Swish templates offer you quick design solutions along with all the features that such a website should have. With flat designs, huge tiled icons, well spaced text blocks, and layout that exudes simplicity and minimalism, of course with a dash of catchy colours, these contemporary Swish kids website templates are a real steal.

Kids Center SWiSH Template

  • Kids Center SWiSH Template

This Kids Center Swish Website Template is available in a colorful and trendy design. It is available with various features like block size menu buttons, on-screen indicators, dynamic buttons, animated buttons. Integrated payment methods and automatic pricing arrangements are some of the other features which are provided with this template for shopping option.

Baby Store SWiSH Template

  • Baby Store SWiSH Template

White color is used as base color and comes with block sized menu buttons, on –screen indicators. This template when used as a web page plays a beautiful audio which helps to generate more traffic. Three-stage shopping cart is another feature which is another interesting feature which is incorporated with this template for developing more online presence.

Among the other design elements that make these templates perfect for making kids’ websites are animated buttons, block sized menu buttons, on-screen indicators, dynamic buttons, and background audio.

With Swish, you can even sell products intended to be bought for kids, with features such as 3 step shopping carts, integrated payment methods, abandoned cart reminder, inventory and automatic pricing management, and more. With fluidic sliders, pop out image galleries, on-page video players, and more, you can actually create an engaging website for kids and young children.

The good old Superman theme, wonder-kids themed templates, cartoon rip-offs, and customizable background themes with your own child’s photo in the backdrop, and a lot more – the world of options is expansive, and it’s up to you to pick a killer template.


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