Top 20 Modern Blog WordPress Templates

WordPress and Blog are two of the leading blogging platforms in the world. This is probably because they were the earliest, and also they provide very great features, most of which are free.

You have the options of using free templates or other premium templates. The sites also allow you to upgrade to paid services which also allows you to add more features and functionality to the blogs.

If you are looking for a host for your blog then you should try these two. Here are some of the templates that you can use to get your blog going.


Responsive and minimalist template for WordPress. It allows for the customization of the menus, colors and background. One can come up with a very great blog with this template.


This is a template designed for blogger and is suitable for girls in their pre-teen and early teen years. The color scheme would do well with a personal journal or discussion site.


Take control of the look of your page with this magazine-style template. It has several custom widgets and content modules that will kick-start your creativity. The content you create will be well presented to your readers.

Flat News

A highly responsive template that is designed for a magazine. It is easy to work with and allows you to drag and drop widgets on the home page for installation. This means that you can change its layout by simply dragging items to their new positions.


This is a great template for blogger and has a responsive layout. You can customize the lightbox, among many other features.


Another template for blogger which can fit a wide range of niches. It can be used as a news blog, or simply an eCommerce site. It is easily customized and comes with a wide range of features to power your blog.

Unique Responsive

This is a great template in black and white that is responsive to mobile devices. The theme will size itself according to the screen resolution of the device.

Accent Box

This is a free template but one that has features that are normally found in premium templates. The template is fully responsive and can be used to run a small magazine or newspaper.


A responsive template that is ideal for a portfolio. It is clean and minimalistic. These types of templates have become the norm for today

Main Photo

A minimalist and very clean blogger template, it is ideal for blogs that emphasize more on the visual content. This means blogs that talk about photos, modeling, fashion, etc.


Another blogger template that comes with plenty of features, and has been crafted for blogger. The template is customizable and very powerful.


A responsive and clean theme for WordPress that is ideal for designers and photographers. It has a grid layout allowing you to place photos and write something about them.


This is a great template for a personal blog. It is best suited for WordPress. It allows for mixed-media, and allows for social network integration.

U Turn Blogger

This is a blogger theme that was adapted from a WordPress version. It has 2 columns and a sidebar, and 3-column footer. It is great for a magazine.


A template for blogger and it is quite clean. It comes with social widgets and is responsive. The template is ideal for personal blogging.


A template that has a look and feel of fabric, and hence the name. The typography makes the blog very clean and is therefore ideal for the serious, issue-based, blogger. The colors are also soft allowing the reader to concentrate on the content.


A new blogger template that is very clean and uses light colors. It is responsive and is designed as a magazine template.

Style Shop

Modern Blog

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