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14+ Music Website Themes & Templates

Music is one of the oldest abstracts in the world. It is both art and entertainment. It makes us feel emotions. It is used to express emotions. It is one concept that mankind can not live without. Salesian saint John Bosco once said that “A house without music is like a body without a soul.” This rings true, in fact, it is difficult to imagine a world without one. It is no surprise that the industry built around this very concept, the music industry, is one of the biggest parts of the creative industries which include advertising, fashion, film, and video game industries. With an industry that big, it is no surprise that there are numerous careers available to follow. Some of these careers can include the usual creative ones like the composers and songwriters to the performers like musicians and conductors, to the people behind the scenes like the sound engineers and producers.

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If you are a musician, one of the things you would like to do would probably earn money from the music you create. Even if you are a DJ, a classical musician, a band, or even a composer trying to create stock music for independent filmmakers to use, having a website means having a personal space on the Internet. You can use this space in numerous ways. Your site can serve as your store to sell different things from different merchandise to your music catalog and of course, tickets to your live shows. Musicians also use their personal or band sites as a way to announce new shows, albums, tours or any news related to the band. Streaming music can also be done through this music websites. Lastly, you can even allow people to book you for shows through your website. This is especially useful for DJs and the like.


Country Music – Musician Responsive Multipage Website Template


DJ Responsive Website Template


Recording Studio Responsive Website Template


Opera Singer Website Template


Jazz Singer Responsive Website Template


Making Money Off Your Music Website

Though it is an enormous industry, money is hard to come by in the music industry. Those who earn the big bucks are usually the people who are sitting on the top. It is a hard pill to swallow, but it is the truth. That is why it is important to find a revenue stream that can help you continue your musical ambitions. It is important to know the nooks and crannies of how your website operate to make the most out of it. So, how can your music website be your revenue stream?

  • A place to sell your own products – This is usually the most common way a music website earns money. A music website, especially that is owned by a musician or a band can have a page dedicated to selling its merchandise. Putting up your music on your site to sell can be more accessible to fans. You can include digital purchase, CDs, or vinyl if you have those. Aside from accessibility, this can also help minimize piracy. Another thing you can sell on your site would be your merchandise. Fans usually look for merchandise to show their love and appreciation to certain artists. This merchandise can range from the usual t-shirts, posters, magnets to the weird car fresheners and cat headphones. The better the quality and value of your merchandise, the better the chances of your fans buying them. Lastly, you can also sell tickets to your upcoming tours, concerts, and gigs on your website. Buying from a band’s own website gives more authenticity of the tickets sold. There are multiple ways you can go about this. You can either do it directly from your website or you can do it through a third party ticket website and link it through your own.
  • Advertising – Advertising is the most common way of making money through the Internet. Almost all website have ads placed somewhere. Even the biggest ones like Facebook and Youtube earn money through ads. This works by people paying money to get their message to your website visitors. They might think that people who like your music may like their product or service they are trying to promote and would like to make some kind of alliance with you. Ads can come in various sizes and shapes. They can be banner ads that where a picture advert takes a rectangular space on an area on your website. This is usually the sidebar or near the top or bottom, or top and bottom of your website. How much you earn through ads on your website is dependent on your reach. The bigger your fan base, the bigger you will earn.
  • Selling a service – It is also possible to use your website as a platform to sell relevant services to your audience. You may be able to use your website as a way of booking DJ gigs. You can also use it to sell voice or instrument lessons. If you got a decent fanbase, chances are people would not pass a once in a lifetime opportunity to be tutored by someone they admire. For them, it can double as a meet and greet opportunity. However, you must maintain that the services you provide are relevant to your band or to your music, otherwise, it would take away focus from the website’s main attraction.

Music Portal Responsive Website Template


Singer Responsive Website Template


Racoons Website Template


Music Website Template


Singer’s Portfolio Website Template

The Basic Pages of a Music Website

A website can only sustain your audience by the content you put in it. As such, adding a blog to your music website about current events may be ideal. However, you are not simply making a blogging site, you are making a website for your music and as such there are basic pages you need to include in your music website including:

  • Home – The homepage will be the first page your audience will see as soon as they press enter on your domain name. Thus, it is important that this page will bring a lot of impact while also being functional. A good idea would be to include the above-mentioned blog post along with a few videos about your music. If you have a new music video just out, put it here.
  • About – Information is good. Fans especially love to know how their favorite band came to be. Other people just find out about your music may want to know what you are all about. You can include all this information in about page. For bands, you can also include some tidbits about the band members. Who knows when your story can resonate with potential or casual fans and turn them into lifelong ones.
  • Shop – As mentioned above, one of the ways on how you can earn money through your site would be to use it as a shop for different items. This should be the age to set up that shop.
  • Songs and Videos – You can either create separate pages for your songs and videos or you can merge them into one page. If you have a vast catalog and discography, it is better to have your videos and songs separated, otherwise combine them. Any music website should have this otherwise, you can really not consider it a music website. Do consider though the fact that you should not give out and play all your music on one page. It is a better idea to just place a few samples and have a direct link to your store. If you do have your music in different streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify, you can link them here. As for your videos, you can place your latest videos here or some kind of teaser from your recent live shows to give an idea of how your live shows go and entice fans to be part of that crowd.
  • Gallery – Pictures can speak louder than words. If you have photos that you want to share with your fans, place them here. These photos could be stage shots from the audience perspective to recent promotional photos.
  • Contact – Any website is incomplete without a contact page. It is just inconceivable. A contact page allows for a way to people you for different purposes. When making a contact page, consider separating contact address or purpose depending on their reason. Have a contract for professional matters like bookings or music business matter separate to that of the contact for fan mails.

Note that these are just the basic pages that you can include in your music websites to make it at least functional. You are not limited to these pages in creating your own music websites. Maybe you want to add a lyrics page for your songs on your website or competition page to cater to your fans. You can include them. The possibilities are endless, and they are all up to you. Just make sure that those content will be relevant to your music website. Just as Dr. Ian Malcolm said, don’t be too preoccupied with thinking whether or not you could that you don’t stop to think if you should.

Music Band Responsive Website Template


Rock Band Website Template


Rock Music Band Responsive Website Template


DJ Superstar Website Template


Music Store Responsive Website Template

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