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Playing the piano is one of those skills that will take a long time and dedication to be an expert at. With enough practice, anybody can play the piano, however, it takes a special kind of tenacity, passion and a little bit of talent to master the 88 ebony and ivory keys and usher them to harmony. This is why a lot of people, parents especially, start young when learning the piano to varying success. You may also see band website templates.

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There are not really any qualifications to be a piano teacher, you just need to know how to play the piano. People can give out piano lessons for a number of reasons. Music teachers may offer to teach during their off time and make use of that said time to earn an extra income. Others might be stuck in the house for some unavoidable reason (like caring for children or elderly relative, or due to problems moving around) and think that the old Ritmuller UH118R in the living room should be used rather than collecting dust. You may also see music website templates.

A person who just lost his job could use his piano skills to give lessons to tide him over until his next job. Maybe, one person is moonlighting to be the next Christian Gottlob Neefe who will teach the next Beethoven. There are plenty of reasons why people want to teach the piano but if you want to succeed in that field and gain many students, you must put yourself out of the door and tell the world that you are indeed teaching. You may also see sample band website templates.

Music Education Website Template

music education website template

Music School HTML Template

singerella music school html template

Music School Moto CMS HTML Template

music school moto cms html template

The Importance of Owning a Personal Website

There is no escaping the Internet today. It runs our everyday lives. Some businesses even exist only on the space of the web. You might think that teaching piano is a physical interaction, that you need to hear your students play in order to instruct them properly and that having a website would only be a waste of resources. That would be a very wrong mindset to follow. You may also see music PHP templates.

First of all, online video tutorials are very popular nowadays, in fact, it has become one of the biggest categories of videos uploaded and viewed on Youtube. Furthermore, it has become a common and preferred way of learning a lot of musical instruments. Then you might ask on why a website? If Youtube can host my videos, then why should I build a website? First of all, Youtube money is dependent on ads on your videos. With the popularity of ad blockers, chances are Youtube money is not that big. You may also see music band website templates.

Furthermore, that website is saturated with instrument tutorials that it is often difficult for newcomers to find footing and establish themselves in the community. The environment is just too competitive if you are just starting out. Lastly, you don’t want to just end up doing online piano tutorials, don’t you? No, you want to get to meet actual students. You may also see music HTML5 themes.

Having your own website allows you to do just that and more. With your own personal website, you can offer piano lessons with a schedule and a price. Having a personal website is akin to having a physical business place that you can customize within the bounds of limitation. Think of your website not only as an online billboard but as a full blown digital storefront where you can offer your piano teaching services. You may also see music bootstrap themes.

Private Music Education Website Template

private music education website template

Music School Responsive Landing Page Template

music school responsive landing page template

Elements of a Music Teacher Website

So you are finally convinced that creating a website would be beneficial for your endeavors. Supposing that you have the know-how for creating a website (if not, you can ask somebody to make you one or use the templates embedded on this site), you are wondering, what should you include in our piano teaching website? Below is a list of at least the basic elements that are needed in your website. You may also see music Magento themes.

1. Homepage

First impressions are often the factor that tells a potential customer if he or she should buy a product or avail a service. For a website, this first impression is the homepage. An ideal homepage should provide a quick snapshot of your identity and personality, and what you can offer. Homepages can include your 2 to 3 sentence bio and a good professional looking headshot. Add a bit of flair and visual imagery by including a video of what you do and some great pictures. A blog feature where you write about upcoming performances, events, panels and other news would also be good for the homepage to encourage people to visit your site often. You may also see DI website templates.

2. About us or About

The “About Us” or “About” section is what the website or at least the person owning the website is about. In this section of your piano teacher website, you can put your musical history and qualifications such as your musical education and degree if you have any. You can also include your performance history and resume. If yours is a proper music school with a proper music school building, you can include the individual resumes of all the teachers working with you along with their performance history and qualifications.

3. FAQ

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. Typically, when one is browsing a website, some questions often come to mind. Queries like “How often are the lessons?” or “How do I find out more information?” should be listed along with other questions to address this concerns. This section of your website is also a good place to leave your contact information for potential customers (though it should be shown prominently but not intrusively on your website). You may also see music WP templates.

4. Pricing and Policies

It is only proper to reserve a page for your pricing if you are running a business or service website. At least the customers have a focused page to glean this information if they want to find out about it. It makes you look professional. You should also do the same for policies on your website for the same reason. Things that you should consider on putting on what your policies would be information about how and when you accept payment from your customers, extra services, holiday policies and the like. You may also see music PSD templates.

5. Online Store & Payment

An online store is a great addition for your website to sell some personally made stuff. You can sell your own compositions, PDF transcriptions, lesson books and other things related to playing the piano if you opt to include a page for your online store in your website. If you do, you would need an online payment option. You can either do this through PayPal or through credit card. A payment page can also be beneficial if you plan to go on a subscription-based model and teach online through Skype or other video services. Other things you can sell online are exclusive, extensive, and extended video tutorials about piano lessons that are more in-depth than usual. You may also see music drupal templates.

6. Contact

It is a basic element in advertising to include a call to action if you are promoting something. How else is your audience going to respond if they don’t know how to contact you. Having a focused contact page give your potential customers encouragement to get in touch with you especially if there are queries that the FAQ section does not answer. The contact page is also the best place to include a map of where your physical business is. You may also see music website themes.

7. Members Exclusive Page

A members exclusive page is a great thing to include if you plan to offer a subscription service for your customers. It allows space for special content that your students and paying customers can access only. This exclusivity can encourage customers to subscribe. This members-only page can include video tutorials that are more in-depth and detailed, practice tips and other things. You may also see DJ website themes.

Piano Music School Responsive Website Template

piano music school responsive website template


Piano Music School Moto CMS HTML Template

piano music school moto cms html template

Piano Teaching Website Template

piano teaching website template

Making the Best of Your Piano Lesson Website

A piano lesson can be a versatile tool for advertising and business place. However, it will only be effective if it is well made and good looking. Just like business cards, flyers and brochures, a well-made website can bring wonders to your reputation and look. Otherwise, it could only make you look unprofessional or worse, it could make you look a sketchy website that is out to scam customers for their hard earned money. You may also see music shopify themes.

Your website’s layout and look are the most important factor in making the best of your site. Creativity and information can be things that are very difficult to juggle in creating your website. Using a website template that suits your need can help you with this problem. Make sure the template you are using fits you and then think of the content you would like to include in your website.

The content you decide to include should be told about your personality if its a personal website or your facilities if it is a school website. It should aim to sell to the audience. Include visually interesting elements such as videos and photographs to increase appeal. Having text that ties into your design layouts greatly helps. Lastly, organize, organize and organize. It is easy to decide content, it is difficult to decide which content is not needed.

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