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Tools to Check Website Speed

Website speed is always considered important by online browsers and viewers. The user interface of a website can make or break the entire browsing experience of people who are currently looking on a website for a specific purpose or reason. As a website owner, the speed of your system is vital in order to reach the optimum performance of your online store or personal blog.

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That is why on this post, we have gathered some of the best performance testing tools around the world of the Internet to give you the much-needed help in checking your website speed. Before troubleshooting any speed issues on your website, these tools will help you identify the different factors that may affect the problem and even provide you solutions to your predicaments.


The website performance monitoring tool Pingdom offers different types of Web monitoring systems from uptime monitoring to monitoring the end user experience of your website. It ensures the availability of your website as well as offers statistical information of every user’s trip around your online premises.

Page Speed Insights


Page Speed Insights is one of the tools that you can use to improve the performance of your Web pages. It does so by measuring and analyzing the elapsed time taken to render the page through network-independent aspects whether in mobile or desktop. Through this information, you will be able to optimize your website’s page performance.


As what the name of this tool implies, YSlow answers your question, Why are Web pages slow? It analyzes and grades Web pages based on Yahoo’s 23 out of 34 best practices and rules that affect the performance of your website. It also offers suggestions on how to enhance your website’s performance and make it more reliable.


Used by many companies such as Paypal, Spotify, and Asos, among others, website optimization tool provides an easy-to-understand visual representation of how your website loads in order to identify bottlenecks. It will then provide recommendations on how to avoid or minimize them, thus making your website consistently fast.

Tools keycdn

KeyCDN tools provide a set of different online tools ranging from website speed tests, DNS checks, CDNs, and other network traffic analysis tool to check on related problems. One of the reasons why you should choose this tool is because it is entirely free and available to use anywhere by anyone.

Load Impact

The Load Impact Web checking and monitoring tool is an online tool, which makes load testing easy and fuss-free. All you have to do is to copy the website URL and run a free test. It boasts of its tried-and-tested ability in automated testing, and API testing, as well as Web app testing features.

Yellow Lab Tool

Just like Load Impact, Yellow Lab Tools is also an online tool but focuses more on the loading ability of heavy Web pages in different platforms such as in desktops, tablets, or mobile phones. It checks on the quality of HTML, CSS, and Javascript codes, as well as a website’s adherence to the best practices of Web design.

Up Trends

Claiming to be the world’s most powerful Web monitoring tool, Up Trends offers a basic monitoring toolkit perfect for websites, Web applications, and mobile responsive websites. It also offers other advanced features like multibrowser monitoring to cater all types of users on the Internet.


In order to improve your website’s performance and keep your audience engaged, optimize your website through Pagelocity. It allows you to gain useful insights about your website by providing a summary and analysis of your content status. This will give you the basis to update your codes and structure to avoid render-blocking contents.

Mobi Ready

This tool was mainly developed to test a website’s performance on mobile devices. If you’re a developer or designer working on responsive websites, then this tool is the perfect choice for you. It also offers additional features that analyze and compare your Web presence among competitors.


Nibbler is another online Web testing tool which only requires you to enter the URL of the website you want to test. It will then score how good or bad your website is for free. These scores are based on key areas such as accessibility, SEO, social media, compliance, technology, and many more.

Web Page Test

This online tool allows you to free test your website’s performance with embedded options for location, the type of browser used, and test configurations. This allows you to run the test without moving from your seat or changing devices. It also allows a visual comparison of different URLs if you’re keen on how your website looks like.

Dotcom Monitor

Your website can be seen in every part and corner of the world with an Internet connection. So, it is just as essential to monitor its performance from all of your website’s end-user perspectives around the globe. In order to do this, you can use the free online test and monitoring tool called Dotcom Monitor.

Web Tool Hub

If you’re a Web designer who wants to further develop or adjust existing websites for search engine optimization (SEO) in various search engines, then Web Tool Hub is the perfect online tool for you. This hub consists of different tools to check on domains, HTML, SEO, and other Web tools needed to make your websites perform their best.

Sucuri is one of the many online tools which focuses mainly on measuring the length of time before you get connected to your website and for a page of your website to fully load, usually called the “time to first byte.”  Although this type of problem may be affected by your Internet connection, Sucuri also identifies issues independent from the CDN.


Patrick Sexton provides your common page speed issues as well as solutions to these problems when you use the online tool varvy. He analyzes and optimizes render-blocking features such as CSS or JavaScript codes in order to reduce server response time and make your websites run faster. A personalized approach is what makes this tool great.


Last but not the least is, of course, Analytics Solutions developed by Google themselves. It is perhaps the default tool to use in checking any website’s speed and other Web performance metrics. It undoubtedly offers reliable results as many companies and individuals use the generated reports by this tool for marketing purposes.

As a conclusion, checking your website speed is as essential as having an engaging Web design and interesting Web content. Having an up-to-par website in terms of speed is one sure way to keep your readers engaged and generate leads which will result in increase clientele or sales. Make sure to get one of these tools to reach your website’s potential!

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