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How often do you travel? And we’re not even referring to business or work-related travels, we mean travel that can help relieve you from stress. If you’re reading this, then we assume that you are already aware of the benefits of traveling, but the problem is how to convey that to others.

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One good way to promote traveling is through a website, and considering that most people nowadays have internet access, it would be an easy way to connect with them. Check out below for a collection of website templates that you can download to make your own tours and travels website.

Elements of a Good Tours & Travels Website

A website is composed of different web pages, and this may end up too confusing if the website isn’t designed properly. To assure yourself and your visitors of a good and straightforward tours and travels website, here are some of the elements that should be incorporated onto the design.

1. Space: The space on any design is considered as one of the most important elements since it directs all the other elements. With space, it helps bring order within the design, making the graphics distinguishable from one another and the text more readable.

2. Easy navigation: As mentioned earlier, a website should be easy to navigate, this can even help in generating more and more visitors. Let’s face it, not all people are that familiar with the internet, which is why it is very important to make their experience as less stressful as possible.

3. About the business: In businesses, it has been a common practice to provide prospects with information of who they are instead of just telling them what they do. In this element, you can share details about the business and what it aims to do, you may even want to mention about the business’ philosophies.

4. Contact details: There are two ways of providing your contact details, although it would be best to do both. Aside from simply indicating your phone and fax numbers, you should make your email address clickable so visitors can send an email right off your website. Also, you may even want to include links to your social media pages, if applicable.

5. Call to action: Since you have provided your visitors with you contact details, invite them further by providing a call to action. Always keep in mind that a call to action should always go hand in hand with contact details in businesses.

6. Search box: Whether you’re building a small or a large, multi-paged website, a search box can help make your website much more easier to navigate. When a visitor wants to save their time in looking for something from your website, they can just use the search box.

7. Tabbed footer: Many websites are built having tabs on the top section, and these tabs actually help to organize the site’s contents. But why settle for just the top section when you can provide more relevant information using the footer?

8. Striking images: Never ever settle for low quality pictures when promoting a business, make sure that your visitors are able to appreciate every detail from the images that you are showing them. And in this case, since you are promoting a tours and travels website, make sure that the images used are indeed able to entice audiences into traveling.

9. Beautiful typography: And what’s a stunning website without beautiful text? When choosing a font for your website, make sure it fits the theme, it is creative. and it is easy to read.

10+ Tours & Travels Website Templates

Lo and behold, the gallery of various tours and travels website templates as promised. If you must know, these templates have been gathered from multiple sources to provide you with variety. But rest assured that every single one of these templates are indeed worth downloading because of both their quality and functionality.

Tour & Travels Agency Template

tour travels agency template

Travel WordPress Theme

travel wordpress theme

Tour & Travel Listing HTML Template

tour travel listing html template

Travel Agency Website Template

travel agency website template

Tour & Travel Hotel Booking Template

tour travel hotel booking template

Travel MotoCMS 3 Landing Page Template

travel motocms 3 landing page template

Tour & Travel Agency WordPress Theme

tour travel agency wordpress theme

Travel Tour Booking HTML5 Template

travel tour booking html5 template

Steps to Designing a Good Tours & Travels Website

After you have seen our gallery of beautiful website templates, the next thing that you should need to know is how to actually make your own website using our templates. Whether you’re a first-timer or already experienced in building websites, these guidelines and tips may still prove to be very useful.

1. Choosing a website builder: Before you even start to build your website, choose a website builder that suits your knowledge and skills. Actually, there are a lot of website builders available on the internet that you can choose from—some more complex than others, but far more superior when it comes to functionality and compatibility.

2. Picking a domain name: Just like website builders, there are also a lot of sites on the internet that provide you with a domain name, and these are called domain name registrars. Some of these registrars will allow you to use a domain name for free but with an extension on the URL, while others will totally ask for a monthly or yearly fee.

3. Downloading a template: With regards to templates, you don’t have to worry about where you can find them because they are all over the internet, some free and others downloadable for a price. But the next concern would be whether these templates are indeed high quality and worth downloading. Thankfully, the ones that you have just seen are not only high quality but also fully editable.

4. Editing a template: In addition to our templates that are fully editable, the next step that you will need to do after downloading a template is to edit it. Our website templates are very easy to work with, you can edit them fully as long as you’re using a compatible website builder.

5. Test running: After editing your website, you should test run it first before publishing it. Test running a site refers to checking whether all links work, if the site is responsive enough, if the text are legible, and the overall experience is a breeze. To make sure if the website is ready for publishing or if it still needs work, have another person to test run the site and get their feedback.

6. Publishing the website: Once everything is hunky-dory, the last remaining thing that you will need to do is to publish the website. But then again, you can’t really say that this will be the last time that you will lay your hands on the website since you will need to update it with new content every now and then.

Simple Tips for an Excellent Tours & Travels Website Layout

1. While it may seem like a little enhancement, but a background image or video on the website can bring a great deal of visual appeal towards the entire appearance.

2. The flat theme has become a trend over the recent years, and the same thing can be said with websites. If you want your visitors to focus all their attention towards the more important details, you may want to use a flat or semi-flat theme for your website.

3. Colors can also add to the visual appeal of a website, you may even be allowed to take the contrast up a notch. Just take note that when using colors, stick to a theme that perfectly suits your branding image.

Types of Websites

If this is still your first time building a website for a business, then it would probably be very helpful to be familiar with the different types of websites. Check out the different types listed below and try to determine which one matches with the website that you are about to build.

1. Business website: This type of website is everything about businesses, and it can even be divided further according to the size and mode of use. The first sub-type is the e-commerce website, which is intended specifically for selling and purchasing products through the internet. Another sub-type of business websites is the brochure website, which is just like any regular business website but consists of fewer web pages and lesser content.

2. Media website: The term media is being used to refer to anything that people look into for both entertainment and informative purposes. A few examples of an entertainment media include movies, videos, music, and stories that can be read straight from the website. For informative media, these are basically similar to the entertainment ones with the difference being the message that they are trying to convey. Examples of these include news articles and news programs.

3. Non-profit website: Unlike business websites, this type of websites are not into selling products or services, rather, they are more into conveying a message or a cause, recruiting volunteers, and gathering donations. These websites are very common among charitable organizations and churches, whose aim is to gather resources in order to perform their activities.

4. Educational website: As the name suggests, this type of website is purely for educational purposes, and they will either offer full courses or short tutorials. Nowadays, the level of information that educational websites can provide can already compete with that from schools, although it still lacks a few more things. However, many universities nowadays already offer post-graduate courses online.

5. Personal website: Lastly, this type of websites is merely for personal use, and they are not necessarily meant for making money. Examples of this are social media accounts, blog and vlog sites, and online diaries. Like we said, although personal websites are not meant for monetizing, some actually are if the owner has become famous for the content of their site and chooses to gain a profit from it.

FAQs about Tours & Travels Websites

What are examples of website builders?

  • GoDaddy
  • SiteBuilder
  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Weebly

What are examples of domain name registrars?

  • Namecheap
  • BlueHost
  • HostGator
  • Dynadot
  • Hover

What do you think of the website templates and the supporting information that we have provided for you? Do you think they’re enough to help you make the most impressive and inviting travels and tours website? If so, don’t hesitate to download one so you can start working on your website.

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