11 Best Wedding Announcement Templates


Getting hitched is no doubt every man and woman’s dream, and it makes sense that they let the whole world hear about it. To be honest, what’s not to be proud of when you’re about to get married? To help you in doing that creatively, we’ve gathered up some of the best wedding announcement templates for you.

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5 Steps to Create a Wedding Announcement

Step 1: Research and educate yourself about wedding announcements

Whether you’ve done this before or you’re entirely new to creating wedding announcements, conducting research can really help ensure that you’ll do the job correctly. Learn about what wedding announcements are and what they’re for. Afterward, you can then learn about how wedding announcements are created and the information that should be included in it.

Step 2: Prepare a list of the wedding details to be announced

After gathering all that you need to learn about wedding announcements, you can then start listing down the wedding details that you wish to write on your own wedding announcement card. These details are almost entirely similar to those used on save the date and invitation cards, although your focus is simply to make an announcement.

Step 3: Download a wedding announcement template

Once everything’s been prepared and set aside, you can finally start getting your hands on a wedding announcement beginning with a template. By downloading a template, you won’t have to start from scratch and you can proceed directly to the editing stage. To see our collection of wedding announcement templates, go ahead and start scrolling down.

Step 4: Personalize the design and add the wedding details to be announced

Thankfully, our wedding announcement templates below are fully editable and that’s something that we can guarantee. As promised, you can start editing the template after downloading one. You can personalize the design as much as you want and you can start adding the announcement details based on the list that you have prepared.

Step 5: Proofread the wedding announcement details and print

Proofreading is a must regardless if you’re creating wedding invitations, RSVPs, or announcements. Before beginning the printing stage, go over the entire content and check if the phrases are well-composed and the words are correctly spelled. Afterward, you can choose to either print, post, publish, or send your wedding announcements to their respective recipients.

11+ Wedding Announcement Templates

1. Vintage Wedding Announcement Card Format

vintage wedding announcement card format Download

Make your wedding announcement simple yet informative by using this minimalist template. If you choose to use this template, you won’t even have to do much besides adding the names of the bride and groom and indicating the date of the wedding. If you want, you can check out our simple wedding invitation template as well.

2. Beach Wedding Ceremony Announcement Example

beach wedding ceremony announcement example Download

What’s not to be proud of when you get married? It’s one way of turning over a chapter in one’s life and it’s something that’s worth shouting to the world. If you want to do it in a memorable manner, you can use the announcement template above to let the whole world know that you’ve finally been married.

3. Metallic Wedding Announcement Card Sample

metallic wedding announcement card sample Download

Some people use wedding announcements separately from invitations and save the date cards, but there are also others who use them in the same manner. If you want to slightly cut on the expenses, you may want to use the announcement template above to inform the reader to save the date for your wedding.

4. Just Married Wedding Announcement Template

just married wedding announcment template Download

If you’re looking for an announcement template that’s highly optimized for printing, this one might be the best choice. When you use this template, you can add up to four photos to decorate the layout. Aside from this template, we also have other printable wedding templates available on this website.

5. Modern Theme Wedding Announcement Sample

modern theme wedding announcement sample Download

This wedding announcement template is guaranteed to be unique since you can only get it from GraphicrRiver. You can get this template in PSD and InDesign formats, and you can even choose between the horizontal and vertical version. Also, this template is very easy to edit, you can even change the color scheme in just one click.

6. Romantic Printable Wedding Announcement Template

romantic printable wedding announcement template Download

What’s not romantic about weddings? It’s how the relationship all started, through a romantic interaction between a guy and a girl. This announcement card template comes with a clean and straightforward layout, all that’s required from you is a photo (preferably taken during a pre-nuptial photo shoot) and the wedding details.

7. Grunge Wedding Announcement Card Design

grunge wedding announcement card design Download

Grunge themes easily remind us of the music trend during the ’90s with bands such as Nirvana and Soundgarden. But in terms of design, grunge is still a thing nowadays and is intentionally made to appear worn out. Check out the example shown above, it’s probably better to see it yourself than for us to keep explaining it.

8. Editable Just Married Announcement Layout

editable just married announcement layout Download

Don’t get us wrong, even if you’re looking forward to a colored wedding announcement, you may still use this template. This fully editable announcement template will allow you to fully edit the font as well as the color scheme. The best thing about this is that you can also use it for creating wedding thank you cards.

9. Minimal Wedding Announcement Card Design

minimal wedding announcement card design Download

A wedding announcement card’s creativity should only be the second priority, the content should always be the first since it is what informs the reader of the wedding details. You can download this template in Illustrator or EPS, and you can choose from four different color schemes based on the four seasons.

10. Two Become One Announcement Layout

two become one announcement layout Download

Indeed, marriage is the act of joining together two hearts into one, although that statement obviously shouldn’t be taken literally. What we’re trying to say is that through marriage, there is a union between two individuals. By using this retro wedding announcement template, it only proves how timeless the retro theme is.

11. Fun Wedding Announcement Card Example

fun wedding announcement card example Download

Why would you want to be serious with your wedding announcements when you can add a hint of fun to it? Features of this template include three fully layered PSD files, easily editable elements, and multiple backgrounds that can be changed in one click. But best of all, this template also comes with its own thank you card.

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