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How To Create a Wedding Table Place Card [10+ Templates]

Attention to detail is important if you want to have a successful wedding event. And in this short guide, we will teach you how to take care of the place setting details needed for any wedding reception. More specifically, this guide is all about teaching you how to create well-designed wedding table place cards. Multiple examples of printable wedding table place card templates are also shown below.

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5 Steps To Make a Wedding Table Place Card

A wedding table place card is a small piece of paper (usually 2.25 inches by 3.5 inches in size) that contains the name and the assigned table number or seat location of a wedding guest. They allow guests to easily navigate the reception or party without much need for verbal instructions from the wedding planner or ushers.

Study and follow the steps outlined below so that you will learn how to create well-designed wedding table place cards that match your wedding motif or theme.

Step 1: Choose a place card theme and layout.

The first step is to choose a theme and layout design for your table place cards. This theme should match the overall design motif that you have chosen for your wedding. To illustrate, if you have planned to have a floral wedding theme, your wedding invitation, table place cards, and other wedding stationery should incorporate the same floral design elements.

Step 2: Determine the place card size and printing material.

Next, choose the material you wish to print your wedding table cards on. It is also at this point where you need to decide on the size of the place cards. You may choose to print on regular paper, cardstock, wood, or types of printing materials as long as they match your wedding theme.

Step 3: Download a wedding table place card template.

To simplify the table place card-making process, it’s best to choose a printable wedding table place card template. With pre-made templates, you do not have to design the entire place card template from scratch since these templates have been pre-formatted. Check out the multiple free and premium wedding card templates we’ve embedded below.

Step 4: Edit the template and add your own design elements.

After downloading a printable template, it’s time to customize it using your preferred graphic design software tool. Note that you need to choose a template file that is compatible with the editing software that you own. For example, if you have Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer, you will need to download a wedding table place card template in PSD file format.

Step 5: Print out the place card template.

Now that you have edited your wedding table card templates, it’s time to save the final design file and print them out. You may use your own printer. Or, you may bring the graphic design template file to your local print shop and have it printed there.

Now that you know all the steps in creating a wedding table place card, it’s time for you to get started. Choose a printable place card template and get ready to customize it according to your wedding needs.

10+ Wedding Table Place Card Templates

Take a look at all the downloadable wedding table place card templates embedded below. Each wedding place name card template is available in multiple file formats like Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator (AI), InDesign (INDD), Microsoft Word (DOC), and Publisher (PUB).

1. Beach Wedding Place Card Template


Beach weddings are the ultimate kind of destination wedding. And no matter if you are planning an informal reception event by the shore or a formal sit-down dinner in a restaurant overlooking the sea, the Beach Wedding Place Card Template shown above will work just fine. Pair this wedding table place card template with an equally ethereal table setting design and wow your guests from the get-go.

2. Fall Wedding Place Card Template


Looking for a solemn and rustic table place card design to match your upcoming fall wedding? Then look no farther than the Fall Wedding Place Card Template featured above. This editable card template features the neutral hues of autumn and will perfectly match any rustic or vintage wedding motif.

3. Floral Wedding Table Number Card Template


The Floral Wedding Table Number Card Template shown above works well for summer weddings or any kind of traditional wedding motifs. As a customizable table number card template, you may add the couple’s own favorite flower/s into the template design itself. Doing this will make the place card appear more personal and memorable.

4. Summer Floral Wedding Table Card Template


There are wedding flowers. And then there are summer wedding flowers. Wedding planners who are planning a summer wedding with the latter floral option, check out the Summer Floral Wedding Table Card Template (shown above). This table place card template uses an orange, blue, and green color combination that perfectly suits summer weddings. But feel free to replace this color palette with something to your liking.

5. Vintage Wedding Table Card Template


Planning for a traditional church wedding ceremony but want to make sure that you have a modern yet elegant reception event? The Vintage Wedding Table Card Template (featured above) is perfect for that. This wedding place name card template follows a neutral color scheme that suits most formal wedding receptions.

6. Escort Wedding Place Card Template


Wedding place cards are most useful when they contain both the guest’s name and table number. Use the Escort Wedding Place Card Template (featured above) as it contains both pieces of information. In addition, you may add your own graphic design elements (like a wedding monogram or illustrations) into this place card template.

7. Lace Wedding Place Card Template


The Lace Wedding Place Card Template (shown above) exudes minimalist elegance with its monochromatic palette and cursive font style. Choose this wedding place card design if you are planning an equally simple wedding ceremony and reception event.

8. Multi-Place Wedding Name Card Template


The Multi-Place Wedding Name Card Template (embedded above) features playful floral designs that will suit most summer and destination wedding themes. A tip: Make sure to print out this wedding name card template on high-quality paper or cardstock to ensure that the place card retains all vivid details of the original template design.

9. Printable Wedding Table Card Template


Use the Printable Wedding Table Card Template (featured above) if you prefer to have a simple and easy to edit wedding table card template. When using this wedding place card template, make sure that you follow the color motif that is used for the wedding.

10. Photo Wedding Place Name Card Template


The main draw of the Wedding Place Name Card Template (shown above) is its use of actual photos of the couple. When using place name card template design, use high-resolution photos to ensure that they render when the place card is printed out.

11. Wedding Table Place Card Template

Minimalist and simple wedding themes are the craze today. Use the Wedding Table Place Card Template shown above as it makes use of simple and bold fonts printed on white cardstock. You may add a touch of color by using colored paper or cardstock.

Wedding table place cards are small pieces of paper that marks a person’s table number, seat location, name, and designation during a formal wedding event. Whether you are having a DIY wedding or you have hired a wedding planner, enlist the use of these tiny printed papers to help make your wedding day more organized and memorable.

For more graphic design templates like this, check out the rest of our website.

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