5+ Wedding Guest List Templates

Weddings are celebrations were two people are united in marriage. These celebrations can vary in accordance to culture, ethics, or traditions. No matter how different this is done or celebrated, one thing is always present—guests. Having a guest list is important for you to be able to monitor and have a list of who you want to spend this special day with. Making a wedding guest list can be done in five easy steps. Here’s how.

5 Steps on How to Make a Wedding Guest List

Guest lists play a vital role in everyone’s weddings. This list contains the names of people that you want to have on your side on your wedding day. These privileged people are often composed of our relatives, close friends, workmates, or colleagues. So how do you make an effective guest list? Take note of these five simple steps.

Step 1: Check the minimum number of guests that your reception can allow

The regular wedding reception can hold to a maximum of one hundred fifty guests. If you have a larger guest list in mind, you might want to take into consideration your current reception area and make some adjustments. There is nothing more discouraging than a reception where not everyone is seated, very little arm space, and a cut down on food distribution.

Step 2: Determine what is your prefer ambiance and style on your wedding day

This step is very important for couples and should be decided together. If you prefer a more elegant and professional celebration, you might want to have a strict age category. Invite adults and young adults only. However, if you want a more family-oriented celebration, you can invite people by household, as long as you keep it to a minimum number of members per family.

Step 3: List down the names of the people that you want to invite

Now, take the time to write a list of the people that you want to be on your wedding day. The list should include the wedded couple of course, their families, close relatives, work colleagues, and plus ones for the other guests. Include the names of young children and babies so that you will have a precise head count on how many are actually invited.

Step 4: Create your list or table to organize the names

Your wedding guest list template can be organized by a table or just by simply listing them down. Make use of boxes to organize the contents and texts in your template. Be specific in organizing your guest list. You can arrange them by categorizing people by household or by age group.

Step 5: Add some design elements and make it look more visually-pleasing

Now that you already have a guest list, make it look attractive by adding some design elements. Your design can include the best photograph of the wedded couple. You can also add some wedding-themed vectors to make your wedding guest list more related to the celebration. Be careful not to put too much designs, causing the guest list to look distracting.

Step 6: Be updated on your RSVPs

If you have included wedding RSVPs on your wedding invitations, you can use this to update your guest list on who are actually coming and those who can’t. Take into considerations that there may be people who can’t commit to being present on your wedding day. If you are already down to your minimum number of guests, feel free to invite others.

Step 7: Print your wedding guest list template

Now that we have already meticulously followed and taken note of the previous steps, we can now print our wedding guest list template. Preview your template first before printing it and set the size to your expect material size. You can try out other printing methods and use other printing mediums for a more unique wedding guest list.

5+ Wedding Guest List Templates

Wedding guest lists ought not to be just any wedding guest list. They have to look attractive, professionally made, and effective at the same time. After learning the steps and some tips on how to make a wedding guest list, here are some sample templates. These templates are pre-designed with texts, designs, and layouts which are editable and printable.

1. Guest List Template

guest list
File Format
  • Google Docs
  • MS Word
  • Google Sheets
  • Numbers
  • MS Excel
  • Pages

Size: A4 & US Letter Sizes


Download this very versatile Guest List Template for your guest list design needs. We know how important it is to celebrate this solemn day alongside people that are close to your heart. Allow this template to help you organize and be updated on your guest number. This premium template is fully editable and customizable.

2. Free Guest List Template

guest list template 1
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Editable PDF

Size: A4 & US Sizes


Planning your wedding can be quite exhaustive and stressful. Knowing who to invite and how many are actually coming shouldn’t be hard by using this Free Guest List Template. Check out this minimally designed template which is very useful for the planning process. This template is made compatible across various file formats for easier editing and printing.

3. Planner with Wedding Guest List Template



Do you want an on-site guest list for everyone to see? Then download this Planner with Wedding Guest List Template. This template amazingly user-friendly. Impress guests with this template’s high quality design and graphics layered on scalable vectors to make customization much easier for the customer.

4. White Board with Wedding Guest List Template

iexja5e7shlwezsqtxjhhsuhfemhkylx0git8lab3cqdiqbugidzdisyivbb0chh Download

Easily impress and get that wow factor from your guests by putting up this White Board with Wedding Guest List Template on your reception. Getting this template shouldn’t be hard. All you have to do is click the download button and you can have this amazing template for a great deal. How amazing is that?

5. Wooden Board with Wedding Guest List Template

f9pqvndearfihrsckqzxeyivrau6eimc91nl6olk0zzmoibaj1ia62w6yww7jbws Download

Check out this Wooden Board with Wedding Guest List Template. This template is guaranteed to be professionally made just for you with features added to make it easy for editing and customization. This template amazingly can cater to your guest list needs since it is versatile and can be printed easily since it’s compatible on various file formats.

6. Modern Wedding Guest List Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 59 KB


Minimal, straightforward, and effective. Those are the three words that can describe this Modern Wedding Guest List Template. This template is effective to use since it is friendly on the eyes and can be easily understood. It will also help you specifically organize your guests according to categories. Get this template today!

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