How to Make a Chalkboard Menu [10+ Templates]


Show off your wide selection of food with a chalkboard menu. A chalkboard menu is typically found outside cafes, restaurants, and bistros. It usually features the restaurant or cafes best sellers and the special for the day. Show off your best sellers and specials by having your own chalkboard menu!

Steps to Make a Chalkboard Menu

Step 1: Stay on theme

It is easy to get lost in creativity. This is not a bad thing. However, you need to remember to stay on theme. If you run a Mexican themed restaurant, you should stay within the theme. It would look a little strange if your menu and theme did not match.

Step 2: Use a template

Using a chalkboard menu template is the fastest and easiest way for you to create your own chalkboard menu. This way, all you need to update are the daily specials. With information literally at the tips of your fingertips, finding an appropriate chalkboard menu template is as easy as logging into your Facebook account.

Step 3: Carefully select your material

You have to be careful when choosing the materials for your chalkboard menu. Remember that the chalkboard menu will literally be outside your restaurant, cafe, or bistro. It is subject to the mercy of the elements. Does it rain often where you are situated? How strong are the winds? These are just a few of the things you need to know.

Step 4: Choose the size or the board

The point of the chalkboard menu is to draw in a crowd. To advertise you and the food you serve. If your chalkboard menu is too small, it could fail to capture the attention of your would-be diners. However, make sure that the chalkboard menu is not too large as it would bother the customers on their way in.

10+ Chalkboard Menu Templates

1. Chalkboard Blank Menu Template

chalkboard blank menu template Download

This chalkboard blank menu template is perfect for any restaurant, cafe, or bistro. It is professionally designed to fit any and all themes. It has an elegant design that is sure to meet your high standards. Enjoy this chalkboard menu template and watch as it draws in a crowd!

2. Chalkboard Menu Card Template

chalkboard menu card template Download

This exceptional chalkboard menu design template is sure to catch the attention of anyone. Show off your personal menu to passers-by and tempt them into your establishment. Easy to customize, this chalkboard menu showcases its versatility and can be used for restaurants, cafes, and bistros of any theme.

3. Chalkboard Mexican Menu Template

chalkboard mexican menu template Download

Spice up your Mexican themed restaurant with this Mexican menu board. Show off the best of your selections and specials to everyone who happens to pass by your restaurant. Well designed and easily customized, use this chalkboard Mexican menu for your Mexican themed restaurant and see the difference it makes.

4. Chalkboard Hotel Menu Template

chalkboard hotel menu template Download

Hotel food gets a lot of bad press. But you know that the food your hotel serves is amazing. All you need to do is find a way to show people. Why not use a chalkboard menu? This is the perfect way to show people your wide variety of selections, your impressive beverages, and daily specials.

5. Chalkboard Asian Restaurant Menu Template

chalkboard asian restaurant menu template Download

Asian cuisine has been a growing fad as of late. Don’t miss the opportunity and show off your restaurants great Asian cuisine. And what better way to entice customers than to have a chalkboard menu? Otherwise known as an outdoor menu, show them the vast selection of Asian delights you have to offer.

6. Chalkboard Menu Template

chalkboard menu template Download

Eye-catching, colorful, and vibrant, this chalkboard menu template is artistically and professionally designed to be appealing yet professional. It makes good use of the available space without overcrowding it. Us this template and simply edit it. Do you run an Asian themed restaurant? No problems, simply edit the file before having it printed on to your chalkboard menu!

7. Chalkboard Restaurant Menu Template

chalkboard restaurant menu template Download

Go old school with this chalkboard restaurant menu template. This template has a classical feel to it that will appeal to both the older and younger generation. No need to fix anything not broken. This template got the job done and it will continue to. Elegant and straightforward, your dishes will be out there for everyone to see.

8. Free Chalkboard Wedding Menu Template

free chalkboard wedding menu template Download

Celebrate your wedding day right by making sure your guests know exactly what they are getting. Show off your personally elected menu by having this chalkboard wedding menu. Elegant, classy, and tasteful, this chalkboard menu will surely impress both friends and family attending your wonderful wedding ceremony.

9. Free Chalkboard Menu Design Template

free chalkboard menu design template Download

Efficient and effective come to mind when you see this chalkboard menu design. It makes efficient use of the available space to inform your customers what your restaurant, cafe, or bistro has to offer. This is one of the most effective ways to both market yourself, and bring more walk-ins to your establishment.

10. Vector Chalkboard Menu Template

vector chalkboard menu template Download

Artistic and creative, this cool chalkboard menu template is sure to have heads turning. This stunning chalkboard menu template is sure to increase the number heading into your restaurant. Quick to download and easy to edit, make this design your own by swapping out a few details. Available in multiple file types, such as Microsoft Word and Photoshop for your convenience.

11. Coffee Chalkboard Menu

coffee chalkboard menu Download

This unique coffee menu chalkboard is not only informative about the different types of coffee but is also well designed. The main reason that chalkboard menus are used is to entice customers to enter the establishment. This template is sure to do just that!

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