20 Multi-layout Blog Themes


The idea behind the creation of a multi-layout personal blog theme came from the need to display multiple pieces of content on a single page. The challenge was doing it elegantly and fluidly to avoid the site appearing cluttered and unappealing in terms of visual interpretation. There are several forms of layout a website can take, with the most common being the grid-based layout and the fluid responsive layout option.

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Regardless of the type of layout option, you choose to implement on your website, having a multi-layout stylish blog theme is always a good choice. This makes your website look more dynamic and creative compared to creating a standardized format for your website. So be unique and choose any one of the 20 multi-layout blog theme templates available here for your site.

Elle & Blog – WordPress Blog Theme

lifestyle blog grid theme

Elle & Blog is a clean and minimalist WordPress blog theme that is made in such a way that it provides readers with two options: to view the full content of the site such as the images and other contents, or to set a special focus mode that will remove any and all elements not related to the reading or viewing of the actual topic or content, allowing site visitors to read without any distractions.

This WordPress blog theme template is designed for bloggers who are fans of several hobbies and practices because it allows for the displaying of contents in a variety of ways that almost ensures your topics will be noticed by your visitors.

Scrivy – Multi-layout WordPress Blog Theme


Scrivy is made to be a very stylish and powerful best WordPress blog theme that is capable of serving as a website template for a variety of websites. This website theme is also minimalistic in nature, meaning it is fast and often requires a very little amount of system resources to function, making this theme quite friendly to mobile users who often have issues regarding Internet speeds and data limitations.

It is also made to be fully responsive and cross-browser compatible, which makes this responsive website template even more mobile-friendly because of its adaptable nature and efficient design.

Classic WordPress Theme – Chloe


Chloe is made with the idea of creating a simple yet elegant WordPress theme that users can use to create websites that excel in providing great performance.

However, although the visual aspects of the theme template are somewhat limited, it does make for a distraction-free website theme that allows readers to easily process the content being displayed on the site without interruptions from unrelated content. Another advantage of its simple design would be the reduced load-up times and faster browsing speeds.

This free WordPress theme template also consists of 25 pre-made custom blog layouts that you are allowed to select in creating your website.

Blogging WordPress Grid Theme


The name of this theme is Blogging and this free WordPress blog theme is made to be used as an excellent website template for the creation of a responsive blog. This is thanks to the implementation of HTML5 and CSS3 coding into the core design of this template, making it quite efficient and easy to manage.

It is made to support the addition of advertisements to generate passive income. It is also search engine optimized which helps your site gain more network traffic.

MooBlog – Multi-layout Elegant Blog Theme


MooBlog is a creative WordPress blog theme that is made for the creation of a multi-concept blog, meaning a blog site with several topics (some of which may be unrelated to the other topics).

MooBlog is also made to be a multi-concept new website template, meaning it consists of multiple layout options for different parts of the website such as the header layouts, the page layouts, etc. This access to several layout options typically provides users with seemingly limitless choices when it comes to how they would display their topics and contents.

TechOne Trending Tech Magazine Template


TechOne is a clean and minimalist WordPress theme that is a perfect lightweight web blog template that will allow users to display their posts in amazing detail but with lightweight system requirements. TechOne is a fully responsive WordPress theme that caters to any and all folks who are capable of accessing the Internet.

With its widgetized homepage builder feature, you are capable of editing and customizing every aspect of your website so you can create the best possible homepage to attract site viewers.

OwlBlog is an HTML5 bootstrap website template that features a minimal design that is perfect for users who are often troubled by network requirements and speeds. It also features the function of being able to create an online store, thanks to its WooCommerce compatibility, allowing you to sell merchandise related to the topic of your blog.

This Bootstrap template is made to be responsive so that this website can be viewed elegantly on whatever device it is being displayed on without any reduction in image quality. It also features multiple layout options that allow you to select from a list of several pre-made layouts.

Grid Interior Design Blog Theme


Grid is a responsive WordPress blog theme that is designed to be used as a blog theme template for the creation of a blog dedicated to the discussion of types of furniture, interior design, and similar topics of interest. It is so well-designed that in its own way, it follows the idea of decorating and displaying the different contents in the same way you would display your furniture at home.

GridBox Responsive Grid Blog Template


GridBox takes inspiration from the creation of a grid layout in order to display as much content as possible on a single page website without reducing the overall quality of the site. There is also a reduction in the number of pages needed to be loaded in order to view the contents of the site.

GridBlog is a responsive colorful WordPress blog template made to be accessible to every device available. It consists of a great blog background and a good color scheme as well as a fully customizable feature that will allow you to further customize your website to suit your design preferences perfectly.

JustFit Responsive WordPress Theme


If you are ever in need of a website template for the creation of a fitness-themed website, then JustFit is for you. This fitness WordPress theme is designed to be a fast and responsive website template that is capable of supporting online interactions among users. This helps to enhance the user experience and increase the amount of time a person will use up staying on the page, which is often a deciding factor when it comes to ranking the popularity of a website.

The user would also have the option to select one of many layouts when designing their website. A user can even create an online store within the website, too, thanks to its integrated WooCommerce feature.

This makes this website theme a perfect choice for the creation of an online fitness community, an online blog, an online store, and an online magazine, thanks to the flexibility provided to the user from the freedom of selecting whatever layout they so desire.

Daynight Magazine – News Magazine Theme


Daynight is a responsive magazine WordPress theme that allows for the displaying of the website made with this theme to appear smoothly on the screen of different devices. It is also made to be capable of adjusting the contrast and brightness through the help of dedicated skins for the website to reduce eyestrain for the readers. This makes it possible for readers to spend longer amounts of time reading through the contents of the website.

The theme features a variety of functions and tools that would help create a fully functional website. An example of a tool that helps people design their website would be the advanced theme options that would allow you to select the necessary themes and customization choices for your website.

Demi – Grid-based Blog Template

grid based blog template1

Demi is an old-school themed website template ideal for the creation of a variety of websites. This clean and adaptive grid blog theme shares similarities with previous generations of website templates. However, aside from its appearance, it is actually quite modern in function and internal design.

This website template was originally designed for the creation of a fashion blog. It comes with several custom widgets that will allow you to easily implement add-ons and widgets to your website to increase its performance and simplify the process of navigating through the site. It also features social media connections to make it easier to share the site’s contents on different platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

With its theme designer tool, you can change almost any aspect of the website such as the color scheme and the page layout. It is also adaptive to ensure that most site visitors will be able to access the website regardless of what type of device they are using.

Best WordPress Blog Theme

61 788x487

Creating the best website is often broken down to a few things: quality visual design, fast and responsive performance, and great user experience. Well, the best is Best, a responsive WordPress theme that is fluidly responsive and extremely fast in terms of performance.

Aside from the visual aspects of the website template, it is also made to be fully optimized to the addition of advertisements and search engine reviews and rankings. This makes it possible for this site to be capable of being easily discovered by new visitors. It is also made in a way that allows users to easily customize several aspects of the website in order to create a visually amazing and high performing site.

Merapi Modern Grid Blog Theme


If you are in need of a clean and modern WordPress theme, then Merapi is the perfect choice for you. With its simple yet elegant design options, it is the perfect choice for the creation of a variety of websites such as magazine blogs, news websites, personal blogs, social blogs, and others. Merapi is one of the best clean blogging WordPress themes available on the market today. With its responsive design, you can rest easy knowing your website is accessible to any and all available devices today.

Mr. Gizmo Responsive Magazine Blogger Theme


Itching to create a technology magazine blog? Then Mr. Gizmo is for you. This responsive WordPress blogger theme is made to be a shining example of what an online magazine website can be.

With tons of features and design options, Mr. Gizmo gives users the ability to create something completely unique each time they will create a website. Mr. Gizmo also features a variety of tools that will assist you in the creation of your desired website. An example of such a tool would be the Grid CSS feature which allows for the easier creation of grid-based layout websites. It is also capable of opening and running an online store thanks to the Ecwid capabilities built into the template itself. Additionally, it has a large variety of custom and customizable widgets available for the site manager to use.

Nowadays when we decide to create a blog, we often would like to be able to create a blog that is fast and efficient.

Of the many available website templates and themes that you could use, one of the best options would be Bloggit, a responsive and modern WordPress theme. With its responsive design and features, you are guaranteed that your website will be capable of being accessed on any mobile devices being used to connect to the Internet.

Creating a user-friendly website is a very important task to accomplish due to the fact that most users or visitors of the website often want to spend the majority of their time actually reading or viewing the desired content rather than spending the time navigating through the website to search for the content they wish to view.

It even supports the addition of various sections to further increase the amount of content you can display on a single page. This responsive website template even allows you to edit or customize the color schemes and font styles.

Matraman – Handsome Grid Blog Theme


Looking for a well-made grid blog template for the creation of your website? Don’t sweat it. Matraman has you covered. This WordPress blog theme is a well-made website theme template that will allow you to easily create a blog that implements the use of a grid-based layout, which is always a good way to display multiple pieces of content on a single page.

This theme has bright colors that will surely catch the attention of readers as well as highlight your content. This website template is designed to be highly optimized to the point that it is responsive or accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.

With its retina-ready design, your viewers will be able to focus on all of the content being displayed to them, which can encourage them to explore your site in its entirety.

CTM – A Creative and Multipurpose Theme


CTM is a responsive multipurpose WordPress theme that is designed with the Bootstrap grid-based layout approach. This WordPress theme was made with the intention of creating a number of different websites such as photography sites, web blogs, business sites, etc.

This website theme has a large number of pre-made page layouts and themes that you could implement on the design of your website. You may select one of the pre-made web page layouts for your website, or you can design your own custom page layout thanks to the template’s drag-and-drop page builder feature.

Coast – Minimal Grid Tumblr Theme

minimal grid tumblr theme

Looking for a simple grid-based theme for your website? Then Coast is your destination. This minimal WordPress theme is made with the intention of creating a website that allows visitors to access the site under any working network condition. It is designed to be a beautiful eye-catching theme so site visitors take a moment to view every part of the website.

This website theme is quite mobile-friendly, thanks to the variety of features and functions added to its responsive design. Its minimal nature and its cross-browser compatibility make this website theme completely mobile-friendly. It even features several widgets that allow for easy social media sharing.

ViralNews News Portal and Magazine WordPress Theme


ViralNews features an easy and intuitive installation. It consists of a live theme customizer that will allow you to more easily monitor the changes you are making to your website in real time. It also consists of several custom-made and customizable web widgets that will allow you to add more capabilities to your website. ViralNews is a magazine WordPress theme that is made to be the perfect go-to option when it comes to creating an amazing website theme, thanks to the various design choices it gives to its users.

There you have it—a list of great themes for you to use. Which one’s your favorite?

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