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10+ Unique Packaging Designs

Product packaging plays a very important role in brand and visual identity. They reveal how seriously creative you are when it comes to showcasing your products. Essentially, a product’s packaging is designed mainly to inform the public what certain goods can offer, and how the consumer can benefit from them. But with such a huge market being targeted by an even larger amount of competition, creative product packaging has somewhat become a defining edge.

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Depending on the type of product you’re producing, the quality of design you exert on your products should be proportionate. A packaging design’s main selling point is its ability to entice consumers without tricking them. It’s very important that your packaging designs are not only beyond comparison, but are also quite accurate.

In this article, we’ve listed some of the best and most amazing packaging designs to have been produced. Be inspired and come up with your own creative ideas from these designs. We can assure you that they’re utterly unique and full of character.

Harrods Honey Packaging Design


Go for surrealism in your product label packaging design. Much like this Harrods Honey Packaging Design, incorporating 3-D or pop-up images makes for an interactive and entertaining design. Knowing your market to have a knack for sweets, your packaging design should be just as delightful. This design has also effectively avoided going overboard by sticking with a black and white illustration and gold typeface.

Muse Ice Cream & Chocolate Bar Packaging Design


Indulge in rich and vivid patterns for your ice cream and chocolate packaging designs. The designs used in the Muse Ice Cream & Chocolate Packaging are quite relevant to the theme and products being sold. The  design for the ice cream bar makes use of colorful summer patterns; while the chocolate bar packaging is deeply inspired by African designs, the product’s origin.

Gift Package Design


Your soap packaging designs and gift packages should look as inviting and enjoyable as this one. This Gift Package Design makes use of exotic and tropical designs to emphasize the art and luxury of travel. In designing your own gift package, make your designs, images, and colors consistent from the package to the product label itself. Being consistent creates a distinct and trustworthy image for your brand.

Fairytale Chocolate Bar Design


This effectively expresses the sentiment that chocolates are definitely as sweet and magical as a fairytale with an excellent chocolate packaging design. It’s comical and nostalgic, an approach that is commendable for products appropriate for all ages. If you’re products are marketed to a diverse demographic, find a common ground for people to easily relate to your designs; hopefully one that can even evoke an emotional response.

Spa Packaging Design


A packaging design for products in a Spa are best expressed through serene and natural themes. This Spa Packaging Design goes beyond the typical with abstract designs and asymmetrical packaging. Its use of colors radiate a unique vibe that fuses native and modern art beautifully.

Skincare Product Packaging Design


If you’re leaning towards typographic packaging designs, this Skincare Product Packaging Design does so excellently in minimalism. Keep it simple and refreshing with a delicate logo design, minimal text, and a clean design layout. However, always leave room for unpredictability. Like this packaging design, the design pattern found within the box is a lovely surprise, and becomes more pronounced due to the minimal outer layer.

Organic Food Packaging Design


Amazing food packaging designs are those that are enticing and can compel you to try a product you haven’t tried before—or wouldn’t normally indulge in. This Organic Food Packaging Design, for example, uses vibrant tropical and exotic patterns to send out a positive message about organic foods. The usual look for organic products is that of minimalism. This design went the completely opposite direction to exude a friendly and energetic vibe. Always go for unconventionality if you want to set your products apart from the competition.

Use comical illustrations for products to make them more eye-catching for your consumers. This design of a jam jar is absolutely adorable with unique drawings on every jar representing the different steps in making jam. It’s simple and traditional, but perfectly takes on a distinct and timeless character.

Simple Baby Food Packaging Design


This food packaging design for organic baby food goes for a simple look but is far from dull. Packaging designs for baby food tend to be pretty common because they all highlight the informational aspect of the product. With an organic baby food product having its own unique attributes, that may call for a different route in designing. This sets the perfect example of carefully considering your competition and product category. Not all products call for extravagant packaging designs.

Vintage CD Album Packaging Design


You haven’t seen cool packaging ideas come to life until you’ve seen this Vintage Album Packaging Design. This design stays loyal to its classic oriental theme down to the last letter. This packaging design fully incorporated the vintage theme with its bold fonts, old black and white photographs, and album poster. If you plan on incorporating a specific theme for your packaging, take it all the way to send out your message clearly.

Make use of beautiful vintage patterns for your product packaging, just like this Vintage Cup Design. Its bold patterns are complimented by a clean vintage print to cap off the look. Incorporating a theme on your product can really boost the experience of the consumer, and can motivate future purchase.

Baby Detergent Packaging Design

Tim & Tammy’s Retro Peanut Butter Packaging Design


If you want to create a simple retro packaging designTim & Tammy’s packaging design for its peanut butter jar is the perfect example. The design is far from being complicated, but are still just as unique. If you want to revamp the look of a simple household product, try not to go overboard with outlandish designs. Using bold and statement typefaces is enough.

Special Edition Wine Packaging Design


Draw design ideas from your very own culture, tradition, or location. This Special Edition Wine Packaging Design synthesizes the rich graphic design from Portugal, the product’s origin. With intricate patterns and a subtle shade of blue, the wine packaging design exudes of high class and luxury.

Aside from formulating ideas from your own brand and image, there are plenty of factors you need to consider in creating a successful packaging design. As you plan out the look for your packaging, do a lot of research in design. Knowing the designs of your competitors can even be used to your advantage. As much as possible, avoid falling into the same category as your competitors when it comes to design, because that’s part of how customers discern which brand they’re going to use.

Do a lot of study and respect the trial and error process. These packaging designs are here to guide and inspire you to come up with an excellent and effective design of your own.

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