Partnership Letter

Partnership Letter

Bill Castillo

Email: [email protected]

December 10, 2050

Charlene Smith

23 Kelley Road

Gulfport, MS 39507

Samantha Lemke

4947 River Road

Gulfport, MS 39507

Dear Charlene Smith and Samantha Lemke,

This letter serves as an agreement between you, Charlene Smith, and Samantha Lemke, to establish a joint venture partnership for cosmetics manufacturing, and this Agreement shall be known as "RadiantGlow Cosmetics".

  1. Nature of Partnership:

The partnership shall be a joint venture agreement entered into by Charlene Smith and Samantha Lemke for cosmetics manufacturing. The parties agree to pool their resources, skills, and expertise to create and operate the business.

  1. Terms and Conditions:

The partners agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Each partner shall contribute their respective capital, as agreed upon, to fund the startup and ongoing operations of the partnership.

  • Decisions regarding business operations, finances, and other significant matters shall be made jointly by both partners.

  • The partners shall maintain accurate records of the business transactions and financials, and both shall have access to these records at all times.

  • Profit-sharing arrangements shall be based on an agreed percentage split, with any profits or losses shared equally between the partners.

  • Any amendments or changes to this agreement shall require the mutual consent of both partners.

  1. Duration and Termination:

This partnership shall commence on January 1, 2051, and shall remain in effect until December 31, 2061, unless terminated earlier by mutual agreement or under circumstances defined in the partnership agreement.

  1. Financial Details:

The partners shall bear their expenses, and the partnership shall be responsible for any joint expenses incurred in the normal course of business.

This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties and supersedes all prior agreements.


Bill Castillo

Business Advisor