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  • Formal Rejection Letter Template

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  • Student Reference Letter Template

  • School Admission Letter Template

  • Employment Application Letter Template

  • Formal Job Application Letter Template

  • Formal Thank You Letter Template

  • Customer Complaint Letter Template

  • Two Weeks Notice Letter Template

  • Formal Invitation Letter Template

  • Simple Termination Letter Template

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  • Letter of Interest Sample Template

  • Self Appraisal Letter Template

  • Simple Letter of Intent Template

  • Promotion Letter Format Template

  • Final Reminder Letter Template

  • Joining Letter Template

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  • Letter of Suspension Template

  • Acceptance Letter Format Template

  • Formal Demand Letter Template

  • Sample Appeal Letter Template

  • Simple Vacation Letter Template

  • Late Payment Letter Template

  • Acceptance of Resignation Template

  • Unique Resume Cover Letter Template

  • Professional Warning Letter Template

  • Formal Business Letter Template

  • Simple Request Letter Template

  • Sample Resume Cover Letter Template

  • Sample Proposal Letter Template

  • Sample Exit Letter Template

  • Professional Recommendation Letter Template

  • School Leave Letter Template

  • Friendly Letter Format Template

  • Charitable Donation Letter Template

  • Offer Letter Format Template

  • Fundraising Letter Template

  • Retirement Letter Example Template

  • Appointment Letter Template

  • Transfer Letter Format Template

  • Acknowledgement Letter Example Template

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  • Claim Letter Sample Template

  • Denial of Credit Template

  • Sample Sales Letter Template

  • Disciplinary Letter Sample Template

  • Welcome Aboard Letter Template

  • Follow-Up Letter Template

  • How to Write a Letter?

    how to write a convincing letter?

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  • What is a Business Letter?

      Letters are communicational tools and serve the same purpose in business operations too. It is sent between companies to companies or clients and other parties with specific messages. The subject in these messages or letters may vary as per the businesses’ timely requirements or purposes. 

  • What is the Purpose of Business Letters?

      • To exchange information and making business relationships.
      • For making inquiries or tests.
      • To make and circulate a decision.
      • For sending a purchase order or confirming an order delivery.
      • It saves time and costs. 
      • To maintain a record and settle deals and transactions.
      • To avoid misunderstandings and create goodwill.
  • What are the Components of a Business Letter?

      • Title- Name of the letter, i.e., order, confirmation.
      • Heading- The return addresses and the date. 
      • Inside Address- The recipient’s location.  
      • Salutation- Add words like ‘Sir, Dear, Ma’am’ and add their last name. 
      • Message- The main text. 
      • Close- Close politely.
      • Signature- Add the name of the signing-person with the designation. 

  • What are the Three Types of Letters?

      • Formal- It follows a stipulated format, often written in a formal language, and serves the purpose of official and professional communication.  
      • Informal- Personal letters that you can send to relatives and friends. 
      • Semi-Formal- These letters are written in a polite manner and are sent to people you do not know directly. 
  • What is the Difference Between Formal and Informal Letters?

      • A formal letter follows the official language and professional tone, whereas an informal letter contains friendly messages and tone.
      • Formal letters follow the third person writing oppositely informal letters follow all the first, second, and third-person writing. 
      • Formal letters are sent to partners, employees; informal messages are sent to friends, relatives.