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Letter writing is still an important communication skill to have, even in this very modern society. Business letters are more difficult to pen than an informal, personal one you would send to your family or friends. There is a delicate balance between amiable and formal one, and formal can be a bit challenging for many to write. What’s interesting is that in a world of instant messaging and email communications, people no longer practice letter writing as much. Most individuals today only do so for business or professional purposes.

Business letter writing now covers many different kinds of communications. The term “business letter” has actually become a form of written communication with a specific format, and with professional content in its body.

There are different kinds of business letters: Sales letters, Inquiry Letters, Cover Letters, Letters of Recommendation and Letters of Resignation, to name a few. The growth of commerce and industry, in particular, also increases the importance and usefulness of creating business letters. They can also be written by different people, such as employees to managers and vice versa. They can also be written to clients, prospective customers, and even to businesses in cases of complaints or suggestions.

There are many benefits of learning the importance of writing business letters. Among these include the effectivity of exchanging business information and establishing a business relationship; the substitution of a personal visit, thereby saving cost and time; and of course, as proof of formal agreements and other business-related transactions - the pillars in which most businesses stand.

Unfortunately, not many have the skill to write effective, formal business letters, which is why premade templates have become very handy. offers a vast library of professional-quality, highly customizable templates that helps people finish letters in a fraction of the time it will usually take. Each template is written by professionals who have cultivated the right tone and format for effective business writing. Each one is brief, professional, and quick to read by diving straight to the matter, thereby saving time and effort to the addressee.