Event Concept Note

Event Concept Note

Prepared by: Jessica Taylor
Organization: Horizon Builders Group
Contact Number: 222 555 7777
Email: [email protected], jessicataylor@Horizon Builders Group.com

Event Purpose

The event’s purpose is to provide a platform for our professional team and clients where they can interact, share ideas and gain insights from industry experts. This will also serve as an avenue for us to promote our advanced construction methodologies and innovative projects within the builders community and beyond.

Event Goals

The primary goals of this event are to grow our network of clientele, to showcase our expertise and services and to provide participants with the latest insights into the world of construction and building.

Target Audience

The event is targeted towards professional builders, contractors, real estate developers, existing clients, potential clients and anyone interested in the horizon of modern construction practices.

Event Logistics

The details regarding the venue, date, and time of the event will be communicated via our official channels soon. Our team is committed to ensuring a comfortable, informative, and productive environment for all our guests with necessary arrangements for transportation, accommodation, food, and refreshments.

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