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Whether you’re a student in school listening to your professor talk or doing research in a library; or if you’re a professional at work perusing on useful information or composing your thoughts, note-taking is as relevant now as it was then. In the age of computers, when you can just type in what information you want to explore further, that little piece of paper called a note, still holds value in whatever you do.

Anyone who’s ever been sick and gone to a doctor’s appointment would have personally seen their own physicians taking notes while examining them with their possible ailments. That’s because a doctor’s note is useful to record the possible causes of the ailment as well as dispensing the right medicines to treat the patient. For employees, a doctor’s note is an important piece of paper for documentation purposes. It’s basically for the HR department to legitimize the employee’s time off from work to rest in the form of a sick leave.

At we have all kinds of note templates that you can use, whether it be as simple as recording logs, to doctor’s note templates and even for meeting minutes for business as well as organizational uses. That’s because most organizational, business and corporate meeting’s secretaries need to take notes on the minutes as well as the draft of the relevant points of the agenda for formal presentation later on. On a commercial level, why do you think a certain famous brand have sticky notes as their best-selling product? Besides being very colorful and attractive to the eyes, sticky notes are a testament to how relevant the simple note can be. You can even find computer monitors with sticky notes on their corners! recognizes the importance and value of notes, hence our different note templates that you can totally have for free. All our templates are designed by experts with you in mind, whether for business or personal use. These ready-made templates are made for your convenience in downloadable and printable features that you can easily customize and editable according to your purpose and specifications. And unlike other sites where you would need to place your order with each template, you can download your template of choice absolutely free of charge! So go ahead, browse all you can and choose all the templates that you want to use and download them all for free! Check out and visit now.