Drawing Lesson Note

Lesson Note


Emily Davis


Evergreen Academy


Expressive Portraits


January 5, 2050


As artists, we strive to authentically capture the world around us. In this lesson, we'll explore the power of expressive portraits. We'll delve into the unique characteristics and emotions of individual faces, honing our skills with shading and detailing techniques to create a resonant, personalized connection with our subjects.


By the end of this lesson, students will have:

  • Developed a professional understanding of shading and detailing techniques in portraiture

  • Explored the concept of individuality and emotion in art

  • Created their own expressive portrait capturing specific emotion through expert use of shading and detailing

  • Improved their creative skills while meeting all set expectations

These objectives are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART).


Activity 1: Understanding Shading and Detailing (30 minutes)

Students will participate in a comprehensive lecture, exploring the theoretical aspects and viewing examples of professional shading and detailing techniques. They are expected to observe and ask questions throughout the process.

Activity 2: Drawing Emotion – Facial Expressions and Details (1 hour)

In this hands-on activity, students will draw a series of basic facial expressions, focusing on the use of detailing to create emotion. Students have the flexibility to choose their preferred expressions.

Activity 3: Individual Portrait Creation (1 hour 30 minutes)

Guided by the techniques discussed and practiced, students will now create their own expressive portraits, focusing on capturing a specific emotion. Students are encouraged to discuss their works at various stages for class input and further expert feedback.

Activity 4: Class Critique and Discussion (30 minutes)

Students will engage in a professional critique session where they'll present their works, discuss their processes, and provide feedback on each others' work. This fosters an environment of positive growth and community learning.


By the close of this lesson, students will not only have improved their technical portraiture skills, but have also delved deeper into capturing emotion and individuality within their artwork. Our ability to utilize shading and detailing lends us the power to precisely communicate mood and sentiment, creating professional, expressive portraits that truly resonate with viewers.

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