Disability Case Note

Disability Case

Prepared by: Liam Davis,

Pinnacle Provisions Ltd.

Date of creation: 20th July, 2050

Patient Details:

Medical Assessment:

Upon reviewing the client's medical history and conducting the necessary assessments, it was observed that the client has significant limitations in performing daily life activities. Their physical mobility is considerably affected and requires significant support for critical motor functions.

The diagnosis further indicates the need for extensive disability support. These conclusions are based on the results of physical and occupational therapy evaluations, as well as comprehensive medical examinations performed by expert physicians.

Support Needs:

The support needs for this particular client are broad, implying the requirement for an integrated, comprehensive plan for disability services. The client requires assistance with personal care tasks. Additionally, a need for mobility aids and facilitative equipment was noted.

Considering the client's predicament, emotional support and counseling services might also be beneficial. This scenario demonstrates the critical importance of an all-encompassing, compassionate approach to disability services.


In concluding the case note, it is crucial to address the client's immediate needs in light of the medical assessments' findings. The proposed strategy should be comprehensive, involving various facets of disability services to address the multiple aspects of the client's life affected by the disability.

The support plan should stem from a place of empathy and understanding, recognising the client's personal requirements and ensuring proportional authority in decision-making processes.

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