Personal Note to Real Estate Clients

Personal Note

Dear John,

As I sit down to pen this personal note to you, a feeling of immense gratitude washes over me. Ever since our professional paths crossed, I have been continually enriched by the experience.

You have not just been another client to me. Instead, I've witnessed your trust morphing me into a better professional with every real estate deal we navigate together. Your confidence in my abilities has always pushed me to strive for more, to demonstrate unparalleled professionalism beyond the market norm.

Let's also not forget the warmth that you bring into our every interaction. It's a quality that not only elevates our collaboration but creates a lasting bond, transforming business talks into heart-warming chats. This relationship that we built is rare in the world of real estate, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Your trust, openness, and transparency enable us to work seamlessly together, and I want to acknowledge and appreciate this. Together we approach each property, each potential home, with the attitude of seekers - seekers of value, seekers of potential, and seekers of homes that match their inhabitants.

John, we have embarked on a shared journey that goes beyond the customary client-agency relationship. It embodies the core values that resonate with both of us - gratitude, professionalism, and warmth. I want to express my deep appreciation and enthusiasm for continuing this journey together.

Let's keep making great real estate decisions while embracing our shared sense of gratitude, the unstinting professionalism, and the ever-present warmth.

With gratitude,

Lorraine C. Felder

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