Personal Note

Personal Note

Dear N. Fortin,

Just wanted to reach out and share a few thoughts with you. I hope that this little piece of communication enables us to strengthen our bond and understand each other a little better.

You know, every now and then, we all need a bit of a reminder. Life gets so busy, and we end up getting caught in the hustle and bustle. We move from one task to the next like clockwork. It's during such moments that a heartfelt message works wonders. It momentarily pulls us out of our daily routine and makes us appreciate the love that surrounds us.

And that's the reason for this note- to send you some heartfelt messages that let you know your presence is cherished and loved. Not just telling you but making you feel it. We may not say it enough, but we really do value the unique energy and spirit you bring into our lives.

So, here's to you, N. Fortin, for being you. Thank you for adding value and meaning to our lives.

With all my warmth,

Joann Z. Stevenson

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