Ladder Inspection Checklist

Inspection Checklist

Inspector’s Name: [Your Name]

Date: August 16, 2050

Facility: [Your Company Name]

Ascertain ladder safety on construction sites and among maintenance teams with our Ladder Inspection Checklist Template. This template covers critical checkpoints to ensure the integrity and safety of ladders during use, contributing to a secure working environment.

Structural Integrity

  • Inspect the overall condition of the structure for signs of damage or weakness

  • Confirm that all load-bearing structures are in a state of good repair and can safely carry the load

  • Perform a detailed investigation of floors, walls, and roofs for cracks or deformations

  • Check for signs of corrosion or material degradation

  • Ensure fire, earthquake, and other safety measures are in place and functional

Secure Footing

  • Verify that the foundation is solid, without cracks or subsidence

  • Ensure all floorings are securely attached and free of tripping hazards

  • Examine stairs and ramps for structural soundness and anti-slip features

  • Evaluate the stability and integrity of elevated platforms and walkways

  • Ensure guardrails and handrails are secure and up to code

Proper Locking Mechanism

  • Ensure that all doors and windows close securely and can be locked

  • Check the condition of latches, locks, bolts, and other securing hardware

  • Examine security systems for potential vulnerabilities

  • Test all safety doors for proper functionality

  • Inspect locks on cabinets containing hazardous materials

Clear Labels and Markings

  • Ensure all hazard warnings and safety instructions are displayed

  • Verify all exit signs are illuminated and visible from all angles

  • Check that all equipment and substances are correctly labeled

  • Confirm fire safety and evacuation maps are present and up to date

  • Ensure all operational controls are marked and instructions are provided

Surface Condition

  • Perform scans for any intrusive vegetation or water ingress on surfaces

  • Inspect for rust, mold, mildew, flaky paint, and other surface anomalies

  • Ensure all surfaces exposed to direct sunlight are resistant to UV radiation

  • Confirm surfaces in contact with corrosive or aggressive materials are resistant to these materials

  • Check the condition of insulation on all insulated surfaces

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