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How To Create An Inspection Checklist?

inspection checklist template

An inspection checklist is an item list of things that needs to be verified, checked, and inspected. Checklists, in general, are often used in different fields. It can be applied and used in the home, workplace, building, office, equipment, store, warehouse, restaurant, vehicle, and different facilities. Using inspection checklists allows you to improve efficiency and minimize mistakes. Conducting an inspection checklist should be made as a habit because it assures the organization that everything is functional and in order.

An inspection checklist should be comprehensive. Right now, checklists aren't just done in paper, they can also be conducted digitally wherein every data gathered are immediately saved and assimilated for gathering. Constructing an inspection checklist from scratch may be a tedious and boring job, to begin with, but you have to make sure that you do it effectively and constructively. You need to be specific on what type of material or equipment that needs to be inspected. We have provided a sample checklist guide below on how you can create a reliable inspection checklist.

1. Present Each Item Clearly

When constructing an inspection or maintenance checklist, make sure that all items are presented in a concise and readable manner. What is a checklist if no one understands it? Make it also a habit to use easy-to-understand language that will make it easier for its reader to understand. You don't want people to get confused by your usage of complex and too complicated words. Try to make it simple.

2. Group Them By Category

If you're making a compliance checklist for a hotel, housekeeping, or truck safety, then you have to make sure that you sort and categorize them accordingly. By organizing them properly, you can quickly and easily navigate them whenever you are conducting the inspection. Don't try to over-organize everything by using complex names, go for simpler category names, this will ensure you in easily finding what you are looking for.

3. Make It Actionable

This step is the most important thing that should be observed when making your checklist. Make sure to construct a checklist that takes action on each item and ensures that the intent of the item is being met. Don't include checklist items that are too vague and ambiguous. For example, instead of saying "Check emergency exits", try to paraphrase it by stating "Check if emergency exits are free from obstacles". By making them actionable, you make your checklist more powerful.

4. Don't Skip

Don't try to skip the items in your checklist form. What's the point of making them if eventually, you would just skip them. It is important that you follow every checked item stated in the checklist so that you ensure yourself and the organization that everything is working well. If you find yourself skipping questions, maybe you should try to analyze whether the checklist is properly formatted for your purpose.

5. Ensure The Results Are Used In Improvement

A typical checklist is just tick-boxes that need to be completed, but you may also use a different approach if you feel doing so. We suggest that you take the affirmative approach in the response of your checklist. It is also important that you take down notes on what needs to be improved while conducting the inspection. Remember that your inspection checklist should constantly improve as you use it.

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