Checklist for Trade Show Exhibitor

Trade Show Checklist

October 11, 2059

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The Checklist for Trade Show Exhibitors aims to help exhibitors maximize their impact and success at trade shows. It focuses on thorough preparation, efficient booth setup, effective engagement with attendees, lead generation, branding and presentation, networking, post-show follow-up, and evaluation. By addressing these objectives, the checklist empowers exhibitors to optimize their participation, capitalize on opportunities, and improve their performance at trade shows.

Booth Specifications

  • Select a suitable booth size

  • Design booth layout to maximize space

  • Plan and integrate brand visuals in booth design

  • Arrange proper lighting for the booth

  • Coordinate with suppliers for booth materials

Promotion Goals

  • Identify key products/services to promote

  • Create promotional materials and giveaways

  • Outline promotional strategies for the event

  • Plan engaging activities to draw in attendees

  • Design and distribute pre-event promotional materials

Lead Generation Targets

  • Determine lead generation goals

  • Setup system for capturing lead information

  • Train staff on how to qualify and handle leads

  • Develop post-event follow-up strategy

  • Analyze lead data and measure success post-event

Trade Show Logistics

  • Secure travel and accommodation for staff

  • Coordinate booth setup and teardown logistics

  • Plan for shipping and storage of booth materials

  • Ensure compliance with trade show rules and regulations

  • Confirm schedules and logistical details with the event organizer

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