A breathtaking exhibition booth does not just pop out at an exhibition event in a heartbeat. Organizers and exhibitors underwent a strategic planning and extensive preparation process for a favorable trade show outcome. We are offering you 100% customizable, printable, high-quality, and professionally written Trade Show Checklist Templates you can instantly download. The gallery below lists all sorts of samples that would help you in preparing your different types of trade show projects. Download any, modify some details on the template and you’re good to go. Subscribe now and start download now! 

What is a Trade Show Checklist?

It is a list of relevant activities needed to be accomplished for a successful trade show or exhibition. A trade show planning checklist holds a great significance to the event organizers to ensure that they have not missed a thing from the ingress to the egress.

A trade show is an exhibition. It is organized to bring together several companies in a particular industry for them to showcase, demonstrate, and promote their latest products and services. Trade shows help a company develop its brand and build stronger customer relationships. In fact, 88% of the exhibitors take part in trade shows to raise awareness and establish corporate branding. Moreover, 92% of individuals attend trade shows for them to learn about the latest products and services offered by a company.

How to Make a Trade Show Checklist?

Extensive preparation and strategic plan are needed for a trade show to go smoothly. With that being said, you need to have a comprehensive trade show exhibitor checklist to remind you of the tasks needed to be carried out from the preparation to the actual exhibition event. Here are a few steps which will hopefully help you create a checklist:

1. Set Goals

What would be the event setup? How will the exhibition booth look like? To make sure that participating in a trade show is worth your time, money, and effort, be sure that you focus on a single goal and work on it. Setting specific, measurable, and realistic goals will help you measure the success of your trade show. However, make sure that you have enough budget to accomplish your goal. As part of the planning process, the team of organizers should conduct a project risk analysis.

2. Categorize

To avoid confusion, you should divide your checklist into categories. Also, make sure that you provide a timeline of the things needed to be fulfilled for the pre-show, during the show, and the post-show.

The pre-show planning usually involves presentation planning, audio-visual preparation, and picking the exhibition booth space. During the actual show, all you need to do is to implement the plans and strategies made. For the post-show, create an event evaluation to measure the success of your exhibit.

3. List Down Tasks

Now, you have to fill in your checklist with the tasks needed to be accomplished to meet the goals you set beforehand. This includes the marketing material/s to be prepared, things to be purchased, and activities to be carried out. Make sure you have not overlooked a single thing for your vendor booth or exhibition booth to stand out.

4. Assign People

Participating in a trade show is not a one-man task, which is why you have to designate people to fulfill specific duties. Gather all the people in your team with creative minds and assign them to plan out setup your exhibition booth. In your sample checklist, add a column for you to note down the names of people assigned to carry out the tasks listed.

5. Review

Review all the details you previously input in your checklist and make sure that they are complete, correct, and clear. Also, see to it that the date and venue of the exhibition event have been finalized. Good luck with your fashion show preparation, museum exhibition planning, or whichever type of trade show you are organizing!

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