Pre Market Trade Show Checklist

Trade Show Checklist

February 19, 2050

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The Pre-Market Trade Show Checklist provides exhibitors and organizers with a comprehensive guide to effectively prepare for trade shows before they begin. It encompasses goal setting, budget planning, booth design, promotional materials, staffing, travel arrangements, promotion and marketing, logistics, networking, and final preparations.


  • Select and prioritize trade shows to participate in

  • Research on market trends and audience preferences

  • Prepare a budget for the trade show

  • Plan and design the exhibit booth

  • Register for the trade show

Pre-Market Tasks

  • Create a compelling narrative to enhance the brand's unique identity

  • Identify and target key demographics within the trade show attendees

  • Develop a marketing strategy to capture new leads

  • Prepare materials, giveaways, and promotional items

  • Send out invitations to prospective customers to visit your booth


  • Coordinate with the organizers about the booth allocation

  • Plan for transport and storage of the exhibit materials

  • Arrange travel and accommodation for the staff

  • Prepare a schedule for staff to man the booth

  • Set up the exhibit booth site

Post-Show Follow-ups

  • Evaluate the performance and success of the trade show

  • Follow up with the leads captured during the trade show

  • Send thank you notes to staff, organizers, and booth visitors

  • Compile data and information gathered during the trade show

  • Plan and prepare for the next trade show

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