Trade Show Planning Checklist

Trade Show Checklist

February 15, 2059

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The Trade Show Planning Checklist serves as a comprehensive guide for exhibitors and organizers to prepare and execute successful trade shows. It covers essential aspects such as goal setting, budgeting, booth design, promotional materials, staffing, travel arrangements, marketing and promotion, logistics, networking, and final preparations.

Pre-Planning Steps

  • Set clear objectives for the Trade Show

  • Select the right Trade Show to attend

  • Plan and allocate budget

  • Reserve booth space

  • Define team roles and responsibilities


  • Arrange travel and accommodation details for team members

  • Check and prepare all necessary equipment

  • Plan the setup and layout of your booth

  • Arrange for promotional materials and giveaways

  • Prepare a load-out and load-in schedule

Outreach and Promotion

  • Update company website and social media platforms with event details

  • Draft and send pre-event emails

  • Distribute press releases if needed

  • Reach out to potential customers and partners

  • Arrange B2B meetings if applicable

During The Event

  • Ensure team presentation and behavior align with the company's brand identity

  • Conduct live social media updates

  • Engage with visitors and capture leads

  • Stay vigilant about the booth’s cleanliness and organization

  • Scan competitor activity


  • Compile a report on leads and follow-ups

  • Analyze trade show performance against objectives

  • Send post-event emails and thank-you notes

  • Conduct team debriefing and gather feedback

  • Plan steps for the next trade show

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