Trade Show Booth Planning Checklist

Trade Show Checklist

July 17, 2057

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The Trade Show Booth Planning Checklist provides exhibitors with a structured approach to organizing and preparing for trade shows. It includes setting clear goals, budget planning, booth design, promotional materials, staffing, travel arrangements, marketing and promotion, logistics, networking, and final preparations.

Pre-Event Planning:

  • Establish the objectives of the trade show

  • Determine budget for the trade show

  • Select and book space at the trade show venue

  • Design layout for booth

  • Arrange for printing or fabrication of signage, banners, etc.

Booth Setup:

  • Assemble booth hardware

  • Install signage and banners

  • Arrange display of products or services

  • Check lighting and audiovisual setup

  • Set up promotional materials for distribution

Staff Briefing:

  • Brief staff on the objectives of the trade show

  • Explain responsibilities and tasks to each team member

  • Ensure each team member understands the unique brand identity

  • Provide training for product demonstration or presentation if any

  • Discuss sales target and lead generation strategy

On-the-Day Tasks:

  • Ensure the booth is clean and tidy

  • Check inventory of promotional materials

  • Supervise staff and manage operations

  • Engage with visitors and potential clients

  • Collect feedback and leads

Post-Event Activities:

  • Dismantle and pack up the booth

  • Evaluate objectives vs actual results

  • Analyze feedback and leads

  • Communicate with potential leads post-trade show

  • Plan for improvements in the next trade show

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