Display Trade Show Checklist

Trade Show Checklist

January 1, 2059

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The Display Trade Show Checklist offers exhibitors a structured approach to planning and executing their displays at trade shows effectively. It covers essential aspects such as goal setting, budget planning, booth design and layout, graphics and signage, promotional materials, technology and equipment, staffing and training, lead capture, logistics and setup, networking opportunities, and follow-up plans.

Pre-Exhibition Planning

  • Choose a strategic location for the exhibit

  • Plan and design a visually compelling display area

  • Prepare promotional materials aligning with the brand's identity

  • Confirm transportation and logistics of the exhibit

  • Schedule staff training for the exhibition

During Exhibition

  • Set up the display area as planned

  • Monitor and maintain the visual appeal of the exhibit throughout the show

  • Ensure staff engagement with potential stakeholders

  • Manage inventory of promotional materials

  • Collect contact information from prospects for follow-ups

Post-Exhibition Actions

  • Ensure proper dismantling and transport of the exhibit

  • Follow-up with prospects collected during the show

  • Review feedback and take notes for future reference

  • Evaluate the overall success of the exhibition

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