Hotel Trade Show Checklist

Trade Show Checklist

January 1, 2059

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The checklist is a detailed guide designed to help hoteliers plan, execute, and evaluate their participation in trade shows effectively. It covers key aspects such as objective setting, budget allocation, booth design, promotional materials, staffing, travel arrangements, marketing and promotion, logistics, networking opportunities, and evaluation and follow-up plans.


  • Decide the objective of your participation in the trade show

  • Analyze potential advantages and drawbacks of participating in the event

  • Set an estimated budget for the event

  • Research about the event in detail (audience size, other participants)

  • Select and book the ideal booth space at the event venue


  • Coordinate with event organizers for booth setup instructions

  • Ensure all needed materials and tools are packed and ready

  • Book Hotel Accommodation for participants

  • Arrange travel logistics for all the staff

  • Schedule a date and time for booth setup

Brand Exposure

  • Design booth layout and branding visuals

  • Develop promotional materials (brochures, giveaways )

  • Plan for contests or activities that attract attendees

  • Create a compelling narrative that enhances the brand's unique identity

  • Plan and execute a social media campaign promoting your participation

Partnerships and Networking

  • Identify potential business partners among the participants

  • Prepare networking materials like business cards and digital portfolios

  • Schedule one-on-one meetings with potential partners

  • Plan follow-ups post-event

  • Provide training to the team about effective networking strategies

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