Jewelry Trade Show Checklist

Trade Show Checklist

January 1, 2059

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The Jewelry Trade Show Checklist is a comprehensive guide designed to help jewelers plan and execute successful presentations at trade shows. It covers various aspects including goal setting, budget allocation, booth design, display materials, inventory management, marketing materials, technology and equipment, staffing and training, lead capture, logistics and setup, networking and engagement, and follow-up plans.

Pre-show Planning

  • Prepare a detailed budget for the trade show

  • Select and register for suitable jewelry trade shows

  • Determine your show objectives – to showcase jewelry, enhance brand recognition, and establish valuable partnerships

  • Plan your booth design; make it reflective of the Expo Elite brand

  • Develop marketing materials that display the exquisite collections

Show Preparation

  • Arrange shipping of booth materials and jewelry to the event site

  • Prepare product samples and display items

  • Train the booth staff on how to effectively communicate the brand's identity

  • Promote Expo Elite attendance at the show via social media and other channels

  • Ensure all equipment needed for the display is in good working condition

The Trade Show

  • Ensure proper setup of booth and display items

  • Introduce your jewelry brand professionally and enthusiastically to attendees

  • Engage with potential customers and industry professionals

  • Secure meetings with potential partners

  • Collect valuable contact information for post-show follow-ups


  • Evaluate the success of the show

  • Send post-show thank you emails/letters to all contacts made

  • Follow-up on leads and potential partnerships secured

  • Update your CRM with new contacts and scheduled follow-ups

  • Conduct an internal debrief to discuss what worked and what didn't for future improvement

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