Quality Trade Show Checklist

Trade Show Checklist

January 19, 2058

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The Quality Trade Show Checklist is a comprehensive guide designed to help exhibitors deliver exceptional presentations at trade shows. It covers key aspects including objective setting, budget planning, booth design, marketing and promotion, promotional materials, staff training, logistics and setup, technology and equipment, lead management, and evaluation and feedback.

Pre-Show Planning

  • Decide event objectives

  • Identify target audience

  • Book trade show space

  • Create ship and set schedule

  • Plan for networking opportunities

Booth Setup

  • Design an engaging booth layout

  • Ensure attractive and interactive display

  • Organize product demos or presentations

  • Setup product literature and promotional material

  • Review booth setup safety

Show Time

  • Train staff on product and company info

  • Engage and interact with attendees

  • Network with industry peers

  • Manage lead capture and follow-ups

  • Take notes for post-show analysis

Post-Show Actions

  • Evaluate success in meeting objectives

  • Review leads and plan follow-up actions

  • Review staff performance and feedback

  • Send thank you notes to contacts and leads

  • Plan for future shows based on experience

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