Trade Show Preparation Checklist

Trade Show Checklist

February 20, 2065

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The Trade Show Preparation Checklist is a detailed guide aimed at helping exhibitors organize and prepare effectively for trade shows. It covers key areas such as goal setting, budget planning, booth design, marketing and promotion, promotional materials, staffing and training, logistics and setup, technology and equipment, lead management, and evaluation and feedback.

Booth Planning and Logistics

  • Finalize booth design, theme, and layout

  • Prepare all booth materials, signage, and giveaways

  • Ensure all technology requirements are met

  • Organize logistics details (shipment, assembly, disassembly)

  • Confirm accommodation arrangements for staff

Promotional Strategies

  • Identify trade show-specific objectives and messages

  • Create and distribute pre-show promotional materials

  • Establish social media campaigns and schedule content

  • Prepare all sales collateral and product demonstrations

Visitor Engagement Goals

  • Create an attendee outreach list and initiate contact

  • Train booth staff on engagement strategies and messaging

  • Plan contests, games, or interactive activities

  • Set follow-up procedures for after the trade show

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