Safety Meeting Minute HR

Safety Meeting Minute HR

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Discussion and Action Items

  1. Safety Training Updates

  • Reviewed and discussed the latest safety training modules.

  • [Employee Name] conducted the training.

  • Employees provided feedback on the training.

  • Action: [Employee Name] to schedule follow-up training on "Emergency Response Procedures" by [Month, Day, Year].

  1. Incident Reports

  • Reviewed recent workplace incidents and accidents.

  • Incident Description: An employee slipped and fell in the warehouse on [Month, Day, Year]

  • Incident Date: [Month, Day, Year]

  • Incident Investigation: The incident was caused by a wet floor. A "Wet Floor" sign was not in place.

  • Action: [Employee Name] to implement corrective actions by [Month, Day, Year].

  1. Hazard Assessments

  • Conducted hazard assessment for the warehouse.

  • Identified the following hazards

  • Hazard 1: Uneven flooring near the loading bay.

  • Hazard 2: Inadequate lighting in aisle 3.

  • Action: [Employee Name] to develop and implement hazard control measures by [Month, Day, Year].

  1. Emergency Procedures

  • Reviewed and updated emergency response procedures.

  • Discussed evacuation plans and first aid protocols.

  • Employees asked questions and provided suggestions.

  • Action: [Employee Name] to update the emergency procedures document by [Month, Day, Year].

  1. Employee Feedback

  • Employees raised the following safety concerns:

  • Safety Concern 1: Lack of proper ventilation in the break room.

  • Safety Concern 2: Overloaded shelves in the storage area.

  • Action: [Employee Name] to address employee concerns and provide feedback by [Month, Day, Year].

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