Startup Loan Repayment Questionnaire

Startup Loan Repayment Questionnaire


We welcome you to this questionnaire on Startup Loan Repayment. Your precious feedback is instrumental in our analysis on how startups are performing in relation to loan repayments. The data accumulated from this questionnaire will be strictly confidential and only for academic purposes. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey to the best of your knowledge. Start with the initial parts then move to the upcoming as indicated. Thank you for your participation.

Understanding of Loan Agreement

  1. Did you thoroughly understand the terms and conditions of the loan agreement before accepting it?

Current Loan Status

  1. How would you describe your current loan repayment status?

Challenges of Repayment

  1. What challenges, if any, have you faced in meeting your loan repayment obligations?

Solutions to Challenges

  1. What measures have you put in place to address these challenges?

Services and Support

  1. How would you rate the services and the support provided by your lender in assisting you meet your repayment obligations?

Improvements and Suggestions

  1. Are there any areas where you think your lender could improve? Any suggestions?


  1. Which gender do you identify as?

  2. What is your age group?

  3. What is your educational background?

  4. What industry does your startup operate in?

Thank you for investing your time in this survey. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will contribute significantly to our study.

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