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Weekly Activity Plan

Weekly Activity Plan

I. Introduction

Welcome to the Weekly Activity Plan for [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME]. This plan is designed to promote physical fitness and wellness among our participants through a variety of engaging activities.

Prepared by: [YOUR NAME]






II. Weekly Overview

A. Objectives

  • Enhance overall physical health and wellness

  • Promote social interaction and community engagement

  • Provide diverse opportunities for participants to engage in physical activity

B. Goals

  • Increase participation in weekly activities by 10%

  • Improve participant satisfaction with program offerings

  • Foster a supportive and inclusive environment for all participants


  • Attendance rates for each activity

  • Participant feedback and satisfaction scores

  • Number of new participants joining activities

III. Weekly Schedule

Week: [Week Number]

Date Range: [Start Date] - [End Date]




Responsible Team


Cardio Kickstart

Mon, 9:00 AM

Recreation Center Gym

Fitness Team

Attendance Rates

Strength and Stretch

Tue, 10:30 AM

Yoga Studio

Fitness Team

Participant Feedback

Nature Walk

Wed, 9:00 AM

Local Park

Recreation Team

New Participant Count

Dance Fitness

Thu, 6:00 PM

Recreation Center Dance Studio

Fitness Team

Attendance Rates

Mindful Movement

Fri, 10:00 AM

Meditation Room

Wellness Team

Participant Feedback

IV. Activity Descriptions

A. Cardio Kickstart

Description: Kickstart the week with a high-energy cardio kickboxing session. Improve cardiovascular health, agility, and coordination while having fun.

B. Strength and Stretch

Description: Build strength, flexibility, and balance through a combination of strength training exercises and yoga poses. Suitable for all fitness levels.

C. Nature Walk

Description: Explore the beauty of nature while getting some fresh air and light exercise. Learn about local flora and fauna from our knowledgeable guide.

D. Dance Fitness

Description: Groove to the beat and burn calories with a dynamic dance fitness class. Enjoy a variety of dance styles set to upbeat music for a full-body workout.

E. Mindful Movement

Description: Wind down the week with gentle movements, stretches, and guided meditation. Cultivate mindfulness, reduce stress, and promote inner peace.

V. Team Responsibilities

A. Fitness Team

  • Coordinate and lead fitness-based activities

  • Ensure safety and effectiveness of workouts

  • Monitor attendance and participant feedback

B. Recreation Team

  • Organize outdoor and recreational activities

  • Provide necessary equipment and logistical support

  • Facilitate a welcoming and inclusive environment

C. Wellness Team

  • Lead mindfulness and wellness activities

  • Offer resources and support for mental well-being

  • Gather feedback to improve program offerings

VI. Budget Breakdown


Budget Allocation

Fitness Equipment


Outdoor Activity Supplies


Instructor Fees


VII. Review and Feedback

A. Weekly Review

  • Conduct a review meeting on [Day] to analyze attendance rates, participant feedback, and any issues encountered during the week's activities.

B. Feedback

  • Gather feedback from participants through surveys or comment cards to identify areas for improvement and future programming ideas.

VIII. Conclusion

In conclusion, this Weekly Activity Plan aims to promote physical fitness and wellness within our community. By providing diverse and engaging activities, we strive to improve the overall health and well-being of our participants. Let's work together to make each week enjoyable and rewarding for everyone involved.

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