High School Student Skills Based Resume

High School Student Skills-Based Resume

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I. Objective

Motivated and diligent high school student seeking opportunities to utilize and enhance skills in customer service and leadership within a retail environment, with a focus on providing exceptional service and fostering team collaboration.

II. Education

Oakridge High School


III. Skills

  • Communication: Demonstrated effective verbal and written communication skills through active participation in debate club, where I engaged in persuasive arguments and prepared compelling speeches.

  • Leadership: Served as captain of the basketball team, leading team practices, coordinating game strategies, and fostering a supportive team environment.

  • Time Management: Successfully managed a demanding schedule balancing academic coursework, extracurricular activities, and part-time employment, demonstrating strong organizational and time management skills.

  • Problem Solving: Developed strong analytical and problem-solving abilities through participation in math competitions and completion of science fair projects, where I identified challenges, formulated solutions, and executed plans to achieve goals.

  • Computer Proficiency: Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and experienced in using various social media platforms to engage with audiences and promote events.

IV. Extracurricular Activities

  • Debate Club: Served as Vice President, collaborating with club members to organize debates, research topics, and refine arguments for competitions.

  • Basketball Team: Demonstrated leadership skills as team captain, motivating teammates, strategizing plays, and fostering teamwork to achieve success on and off the court.

  • School Newspaper: Contributed articles as a staff writer, conducting interviews, researching topics, and crafting engaging content for publication.

  • Math Club: Actively participated in club activities, including problem-solving sessions, math competitions, and tutoring sessions for fellow students.

  • Science Fair: Designed and executed science fair projects, conducting experiments, analyzing data, and presenting findings to judges and peers.

V. Volunteer Experience

  • Habitat for Humanity: Volunteered regularly to assist with construction projects, including painting, carpentry, and landscaping, while collaborating with team members to complete tasks efficiently and safely.

  • Local Soup Kitchen: Contributed time and effort to serving meals to community members in need, demonstrating compassion and empathy while interacting with diverse individuals.

  • Animal Shelter: Provided care and support to animals awaiting adoption, including feeding, grooming, and socializing with shelter pets to improve their well-being and increase the chances of adoption.

VI. Work Experience

Sales Associate



  • Provided excellent customer service by greeting and assisting customers, answering questions about products, and processing transactions accurately and efficiently.

  • Maintained a clean and organized store environment, including restocking shelves, arranging merchandise displays, and ensuring compliance with store policies and procedures.




  • Tutored students in math and science subjects, including algebra, geometry, biology, and chemistry, helping students improve their understanding and performance in challenging coursework.

  • Adapted teaching strategies to meet individual student needs, explaining concepts clearly, providing examples, and offering encouragement to promote confidence and academic success.

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