Sample Visa Invitation Letter

Sample Visa Invitation Letter





November 9, 2070

Ms. Snježana Stolar

Marketing Manager

TechPro Inc. (Finland Branch)

Breganska 40, Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia 10000

Dear Ms. Snježana Stolar,

I am writing to formally extend an invitation for you to visit the United States to attend a conference hosted at our New York office. The purpose of your visit is to participate in the Global Business Summit, which promises to offer valuable insights and professional growth opportunities.

As a conference attendee, you will have the chance to engage with industry experts, network with professionals, and share knowledge and expertise with your peers from around the world.

We are committed to covering the expenses associated with your visit, including travel costs, accommodation, and other necessary arrangements. This commitment underscores our dedication to ensuring your stay in the United States is as convenient and comfortable as possible.

During your visit, you will be involved in conference sessions, workshops, and related activities organized by [YOUR COMPANY NAME] These engagements will contribute to your professional development and deepen your understanding of industry trends.

To demonstrate your strong ties to Croatia, it is advisable to provide proof of employment, such as an employment letter from your company in Zagreb, bank statements, or any other relevant documents that indicate your intention to return upon the completion of the conference.

We sincerely hope that your visa application will be approved without issue. If you have any further questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me at [YOUR COMPANY EMAIL] or [YOUR COMPANY NUMBER].

Thank you for considering our invitation, and we eagerly anticipate your arrival in the United States.