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Invite Friends or Relatives Over to Visit Your Country with a Custom Visa Invitation Letter from’s Line of Free, Printable, and Professional Visa Invitation Letter Templates. Choose from Document Template Samples Online with the Subject, Host’s Full Name, Date of Birth, Address and Phone Number, Occupation, Host Status, and Guest Details that You can Edit to Your Own Needs and Print Easily.See more

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Make your parents, friends, and family members have a smooth visa application process by writing a letter of support courtesy of’s free printable visa invitation letter templates. Get ready-made, professionally written visa letter template samples with simple, fillable original content that you can edit or replace with our editor tool. Present a custom compelling letter to embassy officials for a business visa; tourist visa; visit visa for graduation purposes; or education visa for countries such as The United States or Germany. All free templates are downloadable for print or share via email.

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Edit your chosen visa invitation template example using our editor tool to replace highlighted content with your own specifications. Whether it’s for a legal resident invitation; sponsoring a spouse’s visit; a sister’s wedding; or for a work conference, make a credible and effective visa letter. Make your visa invitation letter for submission to the embassy of countries of concern whether Russia, Australia, South Africa, or China. Download our Templates for free in PDF file format.


  • What does a visa stand for?

      The word visa stands for Visitors International Stay Admission. It's a document that allows you to stay in a particular country at a certain period of time for any purpose.

  • What are the kinds of visa?

      The kinds of visa are:

      1. Transit visa - This visa is valid for 3 days or less. You use a transit visa when you land on a country on the way to your next destination. 

      2. Tourist visa - This kind of visa is valid for a certain period for travel purposes or attending an occasion such as a wedding.

      3. Student visa - This visa is for students who study abroad.

      4. Business visa - It's also known as work visa. This is used by workers employed in a foreign country. 

      5. Immigration visa - Foreigners who married natives of a certain country get this visa.  

  • What are the documents needed in a visa invitation letter?

      A visa invitation letter needs some supporting documents. These include:

      1. The host's scanned copy of ID or passport.
      2. Written proof of home ownership
      3. Income statement (for the applicant's financial support by the host)
      4. Itinerary (for applicants who apply for tourist visas)

  • What are the other information that you can include in a visa invitation letter?

      As a host, you need to state if you will support the applicant financially. You also have to include his length of stay in the country, the applicant's purpose of visit. Depending on your financial capability, you can cover his airfare back and forth. 

  • Is it easy to get a visa?

      Getting a visa is a long process. You have to spend a lot of money and wait for a long time for an approval.