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How to Write a Visa Invitation Letter?

A visa invitation letter is a letter that the applicant's host writes and sends to the embassy. The letter intends to help the applicant in settling in a foreign country. Analysis from the Pew Research Center said that 22.4 million people applied for a US visa in 2017. With that huge number of application, immigration gets a lot of letters from residents who want to accommodate future immigrants. If you have a friend or a family member who's coming to your country and you want to help him settle, you need to write a visa invitation letter. Read some of our tips below to get you started.

1. Give Your Info

State your name, full address, and passport information in the first paragraph of your sample letter. This gives the immigration officers a clear background about you. You may also include your job and the address of your workplace.

2. Explain the Relationship

Give the applicant's name and explain your relationship with him or her. The applicant can be someone related to you or an acquaintance. Be honest in writing this part of the letter. You can also state the kind of visa the applicant has, such as a tourist visa and a visitor visa.

3. State Your Status

You need to let the immigration officers know your status in the country. If you're a permanent resident or possess a work visa, you have to be transparent about your status of residence. It increases the chances of the applicant in getting the visa he needs.

4. End Nicely

Wrap up your letter warmly. Prompt response from the immigration office by leaving your contact information. Encourage them to give you updates regarding the applicant's request for a visa.

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