B2 Visa Invitation Letter

B2 Visa Invitation Letter

Klementyna Pawłowska

ul. Sarny 23

Warszawa, Poland 04-901

222 555 7777

[email protected]

Dear Klementyna Pawłowska,

I am writing to formally invite you to visit the United States as my esteemed guest. Our acquaintance spans several years, during which we have nurtured a long-standing pen-pal relationship. It is with great anticipation that I now seek the opportunity to meet you in person and offer you a glimpse of the diverse and vibrant tapestry that is my home country.

The primary purpose of your visit is to engage in tourism and to share quality moments together. I am confident that this visit will serve to fortify our friendship, allowing us to partake in novel experiences as companions.

I wish to emphasize that I bear full responsibility for your lodging, transportation, and all associated expenses throughout your 3-month stay. There shall be no financial encumbrance on the host country owing to your presence. We have thoughtfully curated an array of activities for your visit, encompassing sightseeing, cultural immersion, and visits to local attractions.

Enclosed with this correspondence, you will find copies of bank statements, lease agreements, and proof of employment, which serve as tangible evidence of your unwavering ties to Poland. These documents affirm, beyond doubt, your commitment to repatriate upon the culmination of your visit.

Should you require any supplementary information or have inquiries related to this matter, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I can be readily contacted at [YOUR COMPANY NUMBER]. I look forward with enthusiasm to the prospect of welcoming you to the United States.