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Wedding Visa Invitation Letter

Wedding Visa Invitation Letter

Lori Brown
4381 Juniper Drive

Mount Pleasant, MI 48858

December 11, 2051

Mr. Eugène Vachon

The Chief of the Consular Section
8 avenue Jules Ferry, SÈvres

Île-de-France, France 92310

Dear Mr. Vachon,

I am writing to formally invite Avril Ailleboust to attend a wedding that will be held in Missouri, United States. Avril Ailleboust is my cousin and has been a close family friend for many years. I would like to extend this invitation to him and assure you that he will be staying with me during his visit.

The purpose of Avril Ailleboust's visit is solely to attend the wedding ceremony. He intends to stay in America for a duration of 2 weeks. I am fully responsible for his expenses, including accommodation, transportation, and any other necessary arrangements.

During his stay, we have planned various activities and sightseeing tours to showcase the beauty and culture of America. I am confident that Avril Ailleboust will return to his home country after the wedding, as he has strong ties and commitments there, including his job at Flinders Financial Services.

Considering the purpose of this visit and Avril Ailleboust's strong connections to his home country, we kindly request that you grant him the necessary visa to enter the United States. We truly hope for a favorable application outcome and look forward to welcoming Avril Ailleboust to join us in celebrating this joyous occasion.

Should you require any additional information or have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me at 222 555 7777.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Lori Brown