Printable Partnership Letter

Printable Partnership Letter

Lisa Yang

Email: [email protected]

February 10, 2052

Rick Harrison

4995 Masonic Hill Road

Little Rock, AR 72201

Donna Jones

4680 Barnes Street

Little Rock, AR 72201

Dear Rick Harrison and Donna Jones,

This partnership agreement ("Agreement") is made between Rick Harrison and Donna Jones, collectively referred to as "Partners", for the purpose of establishing a limited liability partnership to operate an online English school. This Agreement shall be known as "ZenVibe English".

Nature of Partnership

The Partners will engage in the joint operation and management of an online English school, providing language education services to students worldwide.

Terms and Conditions

The Partners agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Each partner shall contribute an equal amount of initial capital to the partnership.

  • Decisions regarding the operation, marketing, and administration of the online English school shall be made jointly by the Partners.

  • The profits and losses of the partnership shall be shared equally between the Partners.

  • The Partners shall maintain accurate financial records and provide regular financial reports to each other.

  • All financial transactions related to the partnership shall be conducted through a joint bank account.

  • The Partners shall dedicate reasonable time and effort to the operation and success of the online English school.

  • The Partners shall act in good faith, exercise honesty and integrity, and avoid any conflicts of interest in the performance of their duties.

Duration and Termination

This partnership shall commence on March 1, 2052, and shall continue until terminated by mutual agreement or as otherwise provided for in this Agreement.

Financial Details

The Partners shall keep accurate financial records and shall distribute profits and losses on a quarterly basis.

This Agreement shall be executed in duplicate, with each Partner receiving a copy, and shall be binding upon the signing parties. Signed copies may be delivered via email or in person.


Lisa Yang

Legal Counsel