Partnership Letter Templates

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How to Write a Partnership Letter?

A partnership letter is a single-page document sent to a prospective business partner. This document is commonly accompanied by various documents. However, the partnership letter clearly states the intentions and commitment of the writer to work collaboratively with the recipient. As stated by Marstranslation, a professional translation service, business letters are quite important in the business world. It serves as a formal and official method of communication between businesses and people. 

Writing a partnership letter could be difficult for someone who is not familiar with business writing. To help you out, you can apply these few tips we prepared for you: 

1. Determine the Goal of Your Partnership Letter

Writing a letter may sound like you already know what your goals are. However, many writers fail to achieve the purpose of their partnership letter because of a lack of goals. If you are writing a partnership letter for your business plan, make sure that you know your goals. For example: If you are planning to secure start-up capital for your business, you must emphasize the importance of the fund and how it will be used in the company.

2. Keep It Straightforward

Many do not like to read a very long message with a simple intention only. Hence, make sure to simplify the content of your letter, and it must be direct to the point. Remember that the typical partnership letter is only one page, so utilize the space appropriately. 

3. Use Common Words

The worst case you can do is to make your reader search for the meaning of the words that you are using in your proposal letter. This scene could likely harm your goals as your reader may reject your letter. Hence, do not use words that are not commonly used in the business world to make your partnership letter easily understandable. 

4. Include Call-to-Action

To ensure that you can have feedback on your simple letter, you must include a call-to-action. Include your contact details such as email addresses, telephone, and mobile numbers. State your willingness to entertain any questions through the provided contact information. 

5. Proofread Your Letter

Submitting your partnership letter without proofreading it is a huge mistake. Remember that no one is immune to mistakes in writing. Your recipient may reject your business letter due to a minor mistake, so make sure to proofread your letter before sending it. 


  • What are the parts of a partnership letter?

      Like any other letter, the partnership letter has the following parts:

      1. Heading
      2. Date
      3. Recipient information (contact person, designation, company name, address)
      4. Salutation
      5. Body
      6. Complimentary close
      7. Signature

  • What are the types of business letters?

      1. Partnership letter
      2. Sales letter
      3. Complaint letter
      4. Inquiry letter
      5. Follow-up letter
      6. Acknowledgment letter

  • How long is a standard partnership letter?

      The purpose of the partnership letter is to highlight your business-related intentions. With that being said, a partnership letter should not exceed one page with 300 to 500 word count. 

  • How do you write a partnership letter?

      1. Create a template
      2. Address the recipient
      3. Provide essential information and purpose
      4. Close the letter
      5. Attach documents 

  • What are the standard business letter styles?

      1. Semi-Block Style
      2. Modified Semi-Block Style
      3. Full Block Style
      4. Modified Block Style