Partnership Letter for Event

Partnership Letter for Event

This Partnership Letter is made with the intent to establish a Limited Partnership between the following parties:

Jennifer Cobb, Manager

Elkins Corporation

Andrew Smith, Manager

Rossi Incorporated

Nature of Partnership

The partners agree to enter into a Limited Partnership, where Party 1 and Party 2 will collaborate in planning, organizing, and executing the Christmas event.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of this partnership are as follows:

  • Party 1 and Party 2 will share the responsibilities of securing a venue, managing event logistics, and marketing.

  • All decisions regarding the event organization will be made jointly by Party 1 and Party 2.

  • Party 1 and Party 2 will equally share the profits generated from the event.

Duration and Termination

This partnership shall commence on December 10, 2052, and will continue until the completion of the Christmas event.

Party 1 (Name and Signature): Jennifer Cobb

Party 2 (Name and Signature): Andrew Smith