Church Partnership Letter

Church Partnership Letter

Michael Braud

Email: [email protected]

March 1, 2050

Trisha Davis

Hopeful Outreach Ministries

2655 Yorkie Lane

Vidalia, GA 30474

Dear Mr. Davis,

I hope this letter finds you well. On behalf of the Glory Church, I'm reaching out to discuss the exciting possibility of a partnership between our organizations.

Our goal is to join forces and make a positive impact on our community. Together, we can enhance outreach efforts, support those in need, and create meaningful change.


Both our organizations stand to gain – shared resources, a broader community reach, and the ability to address more needs effectively.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Let's collaborate! The Glory Church can lead community events, while Hopeful Outreach Ministries contributes experienced volunteers and resources.

Duration and Termination:

We propose a two-year partnership starting on March 20, 2050. Either party can end the partnership with a 90-day notice.

Financial and Legal:

Let's share costs for joint events, and we'll handle liability for our respective volunteers.

For more details, reach out to:

Rev. Michael Braud, Senior Pastor, Glory Church (222 555 7777)

Ms. Trisha Davis, Executive Director, Hopeful Outreach Ministries (222 555 7777)

We're excited about the possibilities. Let's discuss this further and explore the ways the Glory Church and Hopeful Outreach Ministries can work together.

Thank you for your consideration.


Michael Braud

Senior Pastor