Partnership Sponsorship Letter

Partnership Sponsorship Letter

Grayson Perry

Email: [email protected]

June 21, 2050

Paz Laliberte

3178 Losh Lane

Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Sandra Tapp

1350 Cooks Mine Road

Pittsburgh, PA 15201

Dear Paz Laliberte and Sandra Tapp,

This Partnership Letter serves as an agreement between you, Paz Laliberte, and Sandra Tapp, who wish to establish a Limited Liability Partnership with the purpose of engaging in Digital Marketing, which shall be known as "ProVivo Dgtl".

Parties Involved:

  1. Paz Laliberte

  2. Sandra Tapp

Nature of Partnership:

The partnership shall be a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) in accordance with the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction in which it operates.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Both partners agree to contribute equally to the startup capital, which will amount to $50,000.

  2. Each partner agrees to dedicate a minimum of 20 hours per week towards the partnership activities.

  3. Both partners shall have equal decision-making power and authority in all matters related to the partnership.

  4. The partnership will utilize a profit-sharing arrangement, with profits and losses distributed equally among the partners.

  5. Both partners agree to maintain confidentiality regarding any sensitive information shared within the partnership.

Duration and Termination:

The duration of this partnership shall be from July 1, 2050, to July 1, 2052. Either party may terminate the partnership upon providing a written notice of 90 days to the other partner.

Financial Details:

All financial transactions and accounts of the partnership shall be jointly managed and maintained by both partners. Regular financial statements and reports shall be provided to both partners for transparency and accountability.


Raymond Surface

Legal Business Counsel