Partnership Letter for Immigration

Partnership Letter for Immigration

July 1, 2060

Mr. Jesse Jackson

Immigration Officer

563 Bassel Street,

Metairie, LA 70001

Dear Mr. Jackson,

I, Michael Cartier, and my spouse, Brooke Ratcliff-Cartier, are submitting this partnership letter in support of our immigration application for a spousal visa. We met on March 24, 2054, through mutual friends, and our relationship has since blossomed.

Our current residence at 2301 Circle Drive, Houston, TX 77032 where we have lived since October 2058, reflects our commitment to building a life together. Within our shared living space, we have defined various roles and responsibilities to foster a collaborative and supportive environment.

We actively engage with each other's families, attending various social events and family gatherings, further solidifying our bond. As a committed couple, we have discussed and planned our future together, aligning our aspirations for careers and family planning, emphasizing our long-term commitment.

We appreciate your time and consideration of our application. For any additional information or documentation, please feel free to contact us.


Michael Cartier