Request to Transfer Letter Due to Personal Reasons

Request to Transfer letter Due to Personal Reasons

Liam Manning

Project Coordinator

[email protected]

June 5, 2050

Connie M. Frese
HR Management

[email protected]

Dear Ms. Frese,

I am writing to formally acknowledge and accept my transfer within the organization, effective June 20, 2050. I am very grateful for the new opportunity and am looking forward to it with enthusiasm.

I believe that this move will not only serve my personal needs better but also enable me to contribute to the company in a more meaningful way. I am fully committed to ensuring a seamless transition during this period of change. I am excited both to take on more challenging responsibilities and to work under a different reporting structure.

Despite the challenges that such a transfer poses, I am confident that this move will greatly benefit both myself and the company in the long run. I look forward to continuing my professional journey with 654 Tranquil Trail, Apt 11 with renewed vigor and dedication.

Thank you for your understanding and for providing this opportunity.


Liam Manning