Work Location Transfer Letter

Work Location Transfer Letter

May 20, 2050

Sadie Franklin

LL Berger Industries

2072 Woodland Terrace,

Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Sadie Franklin,

I am writing to formally request a transfer of my work location to Dallas, Texas. I believe that relocating will contribute positively to both my personal and professional development.

I have thoroughly discussed this matter with my immediate supervisor, and we have identified a seamless transition plan to ensure a smooth transfer of responsibilities. I am committed to maintaining the same level of dedication and productivity in my new work environment.

I understand that the company has policies and procedures related to work location transfers, and I am more than willing to comply with any requirements or guidelines established by the organization. I am confident that this transfer will ultimately benefit both myself and the company.

Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to discussing this matter further and addressing any concerns you may have.

Best Regards,

Sharon Conley