Introductory Meeting Minute HR


Minutes Secretary: [Your Name]

Date: January 1, 2050

Time: 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Location: HR Conference Room 2

Meeting Participants

  • [Your Name] - [Your Position]

  • Andy Stevens - CTO

  • Jane Godson - Secretary

  • Matt Henderson - Head of Marketing


  • Welcome and Introductions

  • Purpose of the Meeting

  • Company Overview

  • Key Objectives and Expectations

  • Questions and Discussion

  • Next Steps and Action Items

  • Closing Remarks

Meeting Minutes

  1. Welcome and Introductions

The meeting commenced at 8 AM. [Your Name] welcomed all participants and expressed gratitude for their attendance. Attendees introduced themselves, sharing their names, roles, and a brief background.

  1. Purpose of the Meeting

[Your Name] outlined the primary purpose of the meeting, which was to provide an overview of [Your Company Name], its mission, values, and to set clear expectations for collaboration.

  1. Company Overview

A brief presentation was given, providing insights into [Your Company Name]'s history, industry, and core values. Key achievements and milestones were highlighted to give attendees context about the organization.

  1. Key Objectives and Expectations

Attendees were informed about the key objectives and expectations for their roles within [Your Company Name]. Specific responsibilities and performance goals were discussed to ensure clarity.

  1. Questions and Discussion

The floor was opened for questions and discussion. Attendees had the opportunity to seek clarification on any topics covered during the meeting. Several questions were raised and addressed.

  1. Next Steps and Action Items

    1. [Your Name] discussed the immediate next steps for attendees, including orientation, training, and access to necessary resources.

    2. Action items were assigned, including tasks such as completing onboarding paperwork and scheduling follow-up meetings.

  1. Closing Remarks

[Your Name] expressed gratitude for attendees' participation and emphasized [Your Company Name]'s commitment to supporting their success. The meeting concluded at 12 NN.

Action Items



Complete onboarding paperwork

Andy Stevens

Schedule follow-up training session

Jane Godson

Access company intranet

Matt Henderson

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